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    Default Cata - Lost City of the Tol'vir

    So, has anyone beat this instance yet? If so, how do you do the last boss, Siamat! His aoe kills my group in phase 2.

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    Just put up a vid of killing him with some basic strats. Link below takes you there.
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    Just tried this on normal, the last boss is a pain, still haven't pass it yet, but the other 3 bosses aren't too hard.

    For the 1st boss, the only tricky part is the boss will throw a random toon up on the pillar, and after about 5sec, he'll drop down, beside that just avoid the yellow circles and avoid shockwave. I've seen people mention kiting the boss around, I didn't bother with that, there's not that many yellow circles (maybe they're talking about heroics). I just stack on boss and tank him near a pillar but not right against it so you have some room to move, I did eat a couple shockwave but they aren't too bad. Got him down on first try, lost one guy, this is a fresh 85 group.

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    In Normal

    General Husam - A lot of gathering all my guys up and moving. Stay away from the mines. They are yellow disks he drops on the ground that explode in suckiness. They have a decent delay before exploding, so I just round all my guys up and move someplace clear. Same thing after he pins someone on the post. Shockwave has a long delay and an effect where you can see where it will go off. It moves out in an X from him. Just gather everyone up and move them between the little rumbling smoke clouds that indicate the path of Shockwave.

    High Prophet Barim - Phase1 - DPS until you see the glowy beam on the ground....move away from the beam. Phase2, He'll suck everyone, stun, then spit out shadow versions of your team. Gather everyone up and get them away from his dome of owie.

    Phase2 - Kill the bird. When Soul Fragments come up, kill the soul fragments then go back to killing the bird. Adding /tar Soul /cleartarget [dead] to your macros make this easy.

    Phase3, same as 1.

    Augh - Doesn't matter, he only sticks around for about 10%.
    Lockmaw - Dispell the poison, gather/Kill the little crocks {/tar Frenzied /cleartarget [dead] } so they don't eat your healer and dps, Stay out of the dust cloud and avoid Augh who likes to come through and wreak havoc.

    Siamat - Asspain. He's hit or miss depending on if he bounces my team off the damned platform in the transition phase.

    Phase1 - He's Immune and summons elementals. Kill the elementals, obviously, but you have to watch out for the White and Green Swirlies on the ground. I know the greens drop when an elemental dies, but I'm not sure about the whites. During this phase, I use Follow Strobing in Jamba to keep everyone together. Get the elmentals down to almost dead and let dots kill them if you can while you run to a safe spot so you don't get nailed by a swirlie and can conserve mana for heals in Phase2.

    Transistion - Try to get towards the middle of the platform before the transistion starts. You can still cast instant spells in this phase. If you have Spiritwalker's Grace or something else you can use to cast heals while moving, now's the time to use it.

    Phase2 - DPS the CRAP out of Siamat. Ignore the adds, burn your cooldowns, drop grounding totems if you have em, use damage reduction cooldowns if you have em. Watch out for swirlies of suck.
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    Some additional tactics I use for this instance:

    High Prophet Barim
    Phase 1, make sure to dispell the debuff as soon as you can. It hurts and mostly hits 1 or 2 people.

    During the "bird" phase I don't DPS the shadow things, I only DPS the bird. Use your tank to drag it around so the shadows don't reach it. When a shadow reaches it he will only heal for a bit so you don't need to kill them.

    I like standing with my team on top of the stairs and tank Lockmaw at the bottom of the stairs. That way I can pick up and DPS all the crocs that spawn and go for my team. Just make sure to dispell the poison/disease (whatever it is)
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    Last boss gave me some trouble, finally got him down after ~7 or 8 attempts. Here's my tips:

    1. Avoid the clouds above all. If your team is dpsing an add and the white swirly spawns, move them out and ignore the add. Nearly all the damage I was taking in phase 1 was from the white swirls.
    2. Run to the middle with the last add. Gives you a better chance of not getting anyone knocked off.
    3. After the bouncing around, just stand and dps. Make sure they're all facing the right direction, and move into healing range if need be. I'd move out of green swirls if they got to me, but once I got to this phase with all 5 still alive and up top, I won with no issues.

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    now here is the hillarious part,

    1st time i did siamat on HC i one shotted him, i was perplexed how did this happen...

    2nd i did him i whiped so many times i got respawns and left.

    what post above says, you die due to hard to see clouds thingies not because of adds chain light or boss aoe.

    move your char out of anything that looks like swirly clouds, they are not obvious.

    after this i one shot him all the time.

    IF you have low dps killing the chain light adds works wonders, but again avoiding clouds is the trick.

    if you have a priest or druid just rolling aoe heals Circle of healing or Wild Growth should be enough at any gear lvl, the odd heal on a tank might be needed if you run anything but a paladin.

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    Default Quad Paladins @ 85 - Lost City of Tol'vir down!

    Yeahhhhh boy! Just finished Lost City of Tol'Vir with my 4 level 85 Paladins, They have rather crappy gear( just dinged 85 about a hour before attempting this instance), Upon dinging 85 i bought 3 peices of the BoE PvP crafted gear from the AH.

    Running 3 Ret 1 Prot with a Pug'd 85 Priest(He was slow on the heals the WHOLE time) The Prot Paladin has iLvl 333 mace / shield and the 3 Ret's have the iLvL 333 2h sword from Crucible of Carnage, with mixed greens / blues from straight questing.

    Very happy with this achievement, Took 3 tries with the final boss, Everything else was a one try knockout, Guardians / Holy Radiance x4 / Avenging Wrath + Hammer of Wrath spam when cooldowns up, Good stuff, Using a castsequence macro found on the forum for the Ret Paladins, Prot is managed manually / clicked spells.

    So far i've knocked out Blackrock Caverns, Throne of the Tides, The Stonecore(Rock guy killed my group, Ran back with my friend running away from the boss to get him to evade(heals) and he was already at 18%, With half health from rezzing, killed him as my friend ran to the entrance. Along with Vortex Pinnacle and just now, Lost City of Tol'vir.

    So if anyone wants to know, 4 Paladins is completely viable for multiboxing normals, Although i haven't tried heroics yet, And rarely use CC(Repentance) Only time i've used it was in Vortex Pinnacle to CC one of the two healers with the end trash groups before last boss.

    Lost City bosses were not too hard, Just using basic settings with IWT on all toons but the main,

    First boss - With a full melee team other then healer, Was tough avoiding the land mines with everybody, so occasionally when he did his earthquake, it set off them and took a chunk out of my groups health, So i ran around quite a bit, healing my self with Word of Glory / Holy Radiance off of the main Paladin (Tank) then if i dropped too low - 3 Charge WoG then popped Radiance on the 3 alts = Crazy heals, Divine protection, i think i bubbled on the alts too at one point. OTher then that, Mainly had to watch the land mines.

    Second boss - Kind of a tank and spank, Didn't even avoid the whirlwind guy, Just got the adds killed when attacking healer,

    Third boss - When phased, pulled phoenix around the area infront of him, Button mashing IWT / Main castsequence macro, had no need to pop cooldowns other then Avenging Wrath / Divine Protection - Easy mode.

    Final boss: Wiped first try, 2nd try i went all out on the adds, being cautious if my alts ran off the ledge(if thats possible) if i stopped button mashing - So i had to get to the target with CTRL+F(follow lead toon) and then button mash - Rinse repeat for the adds, Popped cooldowns and went to town on the boss, Don't forget to try and move around when attacking the adds if running 4 Melee, He throws some spell at you i think, Or so it seemed for me.

    Overall, very fun experience and i intend on trying Grim Batol / Halls of Origination.

    Thanks for reading, and any comments are welcome.

    Uploaded with]

    And if this is the wrong section to be posting this, Then i apologize.
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    Very nice, Uhnknown! You'll have to let us know how GB and HoO go, then how you do in heroics. We have a boxer who primarily plays 4xrets and a DK, though I'm not sure if he's tried heroics.
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