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    Has anyone been able to do the first boss with a full melee team?

    My x4 DK + Paladin group die due to the fire very easily.

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    I went in and tried him a few times on my pally+4 DKs. Couldn't figure it out after a few wipes, so I left.
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    Yeah, this is one of the few fights were having ten sets of hands is necessary to avoid the fire.

    The swirling action that accompanies IWT is very very bad in this instance. Even if you use a key to stop them from swirling, it pretty hard to maintain the perfect distance and rotation.

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    In my experience the "swirling" action can be avoided by not spamming IWT, and not pressing IWT while your clones are moving.

    I found the boss really easy with melee team. Don't spam IWT and always strafe in same direction.

    Again, really important to press IWT only once.

    So you actually only use 3 buttons. Your dps button, strafe left, IWT.
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    "swirling" can also be avoided by not spamming IWT aswell... I always spam it and the way i do it is hit it once at first... once their at the target i start the spamming (dps with IWT).... If they start to swirl around the target just tap walk back/foreward/strafeleft/right key for your slaves.

    I managed to down first and 2nd boss with my 1 resto druid 4x DK team. But i have no idea how to get pass Foe Reaper 5000..

    Anyone managed to down this guy with a dk team?
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    Well it appears that in addition to the Halls of Origination "Bug" that I posted earlier regarding the first boss, the same thing has happened to Foe Reaper in Deadmines. I tried using Dragoneye's technique of standing my DPS/heals on the ledge and tanking him on the ramp, but as soon as he was going to charge a DPS, he bugged out, Evaded, and went to full health again.
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    Anybody able to get the 3rd boss down by now? I still fail big time
    Closest was to dps him down to around 40%...
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    Got him!
    Difference with the other times: pop earth+fire elementals at the same time, and ignore the adds.
    Tank died near the end, but still got the kill and achievement because of the elementals taking care of the boss.
    Kul Tiras - EU: [A] Prot Pala +3x Shaman + Mage @ 110
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    I had a hard time on this boss with my pally/3mage/priest team at the appropriate level on regular. Whole team died, tank finished it but died at the end, but still got the kill. Was a complete fluke. I loathe the thought of having to do this on heroic >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragoneye View Post
    I frapped my run today for H deadmines to share.

    Always looking for comments to help me improve my strats. For me the nightmare runs prior to fighting vancleef is the most annoying...

    I prefer to go with 4xelem shammies for this run without a dedicated healer and just an occasional 4xhealing surge due to the nature of this instance (lots of dps checks). This made boss 3 (foe reaper) a lot easier to handle. I stand myself on the ledge of the entryway staircase and ping-pong the reaper back and forth during the zerg.

    hope this helps those that haven't tried it yet.

    note: my gear are mostly BoE 359 and dungeon 346s - I don't have any BoP raid gear:

    Pal Tank:
    This technique for killing boss 3 (Foe Reaper) worked BRILLIANTLY for me. Even got the achievement!
    Also cleared the whole instance!

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