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    Wow, nice! Another heroic 5-boxed. Only a few more to go, nice work!
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    i'm just curious how you click all 5 ropes fast enough, do you swap screen quickly or is there a macro to grab a rope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by outdrsyguy1 View Post
    i'm just curious how you click all 5 ropes fast enough, do you swap screen quickly or is there a macro to grab a rope?
    swapped screens
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    wow good job then =D

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    Use IsBoxer and you can swap screens fast. Even just use a keymap to move to next screen for even easier swapping.

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    Or enable repeating and click furiously.

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    No need to click ropes, just stand on the very edge of the boat where the ropes are and you won't die due to fire

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    I frapped my run today for H deadmines to share.

    Always looking for comments to help me improve my strats. For me the nightmare runs prior to fighting vancleef is the most annoying...

    I prefer to go with 4xelem shammies for this run without a dedicated healer and just an occasional 4xhealing surge due to the nature of this instance (lots of dps checks). This made boss 3 (foe reaper) a lot easier to handle. I stand myself on the ledge of the entryway staircase and ping-pong the reaper back and forth during the zerg.

    hope this helps those that haven't tried it yet.

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    Any melee team managed to take down the 3rd boss (foe reaper 5000)?

    Tried him a couple of times myself (4ret 1blood), but it feels really hard compared to any other boss I have done (got everything down except deadmines and grim batol).

    Tried burning the boss downstairs and just ignoring the fire elemental adds, tried it upstairs too.
    Tried having manually control the prototype reaper, but it always go downhill after the 2nd fire elemental, because at that point you get harvest and the elemental at the same time. Any wrong step at that point wipes you.

    Tried fighting in the middle of the ramp, but was a huge failure, felt like his overdrive hit me from miles always.

    Don't even get me started on the Safety Restriction off-line + overdrive combo. Pretty much must have a CD or two up for that or I just wipe at low percentage.

    Any tip from a melee team (or well anyone) is much appreciated.
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    Very nice work, DragonEye!

    Great to see some strats on this heroic that I've been avoiding so far!

    Thanks for sharing!
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