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    Did my first venture into StoneCore tonight, Tried Corborus about 5-6 times. Didn't fare very well.

    Team is lvl 83, Pali, Priest, 2x shaman mage.

    I think the best I did was make it to second under ground phase but that was only one time.

    So two things that are causing me problems.

    1) My team getting knocked away from me.
    2) adds.

    What I'm doing'/trying.

    Start the fight all is good, avoid the crystals, removing the healing debuff (though wish I could get a visual on who still had it).

    He goes under, I grab up my team and start running, drop a set of totems earthen binding, magma, start running in a circle, I don't seem to make much progress on the adds, eventually one or more get punted. Things go down hill from there. Drop another totem (round robin) about 8-10 seconds in...

    So for the folks that are able to do this. Do you watch out to see the worm? I'm running so I dont see much, should I move the camera around to see behind me? From what I have read it is a crap shoot if you get taken out by the worm? Anything to do to lessen it. All so chaotic I'm just kind of running randomly. If I could I'd be screaming like a little girl too! Ithought I read there are lines of dust that go out, so can I go perpendicular to it and avoid it till the next pass?

    Should I ever stop to dps adds /heal? I saw a post above that mentioned that, but never seem when I can. I watch for when i see the worm and at that time I have a few seconds to stop heal/dps?

    so to sum up my questions.

    1) do folks try and look behind them to see when the worm comes out?
    2) if so or I see the worm above ground is that a queue I have a a couple seconds to do something?
    3) Anything at all to lessen the chance of getting thrown in the air.?
    4) Is running in a big circle the best plan?
    5) Dpsing adds, I drop totems staggered, i suppose I could swing back behind my other toons and try and aoe with my tank to get agro at least (I sometimes lose a dps due to adds during my run)

    Thanks for any tips. I'm just amazed that some folks found this fight easy... Course I wiped on one of the trash fights on the way to him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyval View Post
    1) do folks try and look behind them to see when the worm comes out?
    2) if so or I see the worm above ground is that a queue I have a a couple seconds to do something?
    3) Anything at all to lessen the chance of getting thrown in the air.?
    4) Is running in a big circle the best plan?
    5) Dpsing adds, I drop totems staggered, i suppose I could swing back behind my other toons and try and aoe with my tank to get agro at least (I sometimes lose a dps due to adds during my run)
    Yeah those trash can be brutal because of the fartin' elementals. I kill the earthbinders(interrupt Call of Earth if possible) first, then the fearing berserkers, then the Millhouse, then the rest.

    As for donutworm, he does move in some kind of straight line. That means let's say he's moving from north to south, and you're running north: You're screwed no matter how fast you run. This can be a positive thing though if you're ready to suddenly have all of your alts sidestep out of his path.
    I don't know if seeing him is a clue that he's about to strike, but that would be AWESOME. I've been leaving the 16 or so rumbles up to chance.
    I was thinking about your situation - are you tank/4 shamans? Maybe consider putting Thundershock on round robin for this fight... either through macro or through your choice of broadcaster. If you're running in a long stretch, you'll have a big crowd of bugs behind you so it'll be doable. Earthbind/Magma/Fire nova real quick are viable too, but I guess fire nova shoots out from the actual fire totem and not your body nowadays huh?
    Consecration will get their attention yes, but not all of them because they spawn wherever they feel like and you won't get more than one consecration off in a phase 2.

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    Will try again tonight.

    I think part of it is needing more tries, Things are so crazy in phase 2, I turn run and hope things workout. Don't think that will work for me long term.

    I need to slow down, see which way the dust /ground stuff is going.

    One thing I thought about is to group up with my team. Watch for the dust and strafe/move quickly out of the line. The downside to this might be more chance of worm punting, but add hunting will be easier. And if I do go the run in a circle need to be less spastic and move the camera around to see what is behind me.

    Practice i'm hoping will make things less chaotic , once I get use to the flow of the fight.

    Trash is good for practicing my CC and burn down order. So that is nice .

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    Yea the 3rd boss with a melee team is a bitch. I'm having trouble getting the melee to run away in time. What is your strategy for getting away in time mosg2? Running away and hitting follow as soon as I see him start casting ground slam just isn't enough for some reason.

    Oh well, 84 now, maybe the extra health will make it not as hard, I'll try again when I get my computer re-built.
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    I've managed to do the worm a few times... ya he is tough My group: Prot Pally, 2 Ele Shamans, 1 Arc Mage, 1 disc Priest all lvl 83.

    Few things I've learned and do now.

    The dust effect on the ground is a bit of an indicator of his incoming 'charge'. Right as he burrows I plop down a fresh set of totems (earth bind and magma) and then I go consecrate that area as well. Then I run a circle with my slaves on follow around that area, it's super important that none of your slaves do anything to draw aggro of the adds. Half way through the phase i pop elemental pets and pop any aoe aggro effects on my tank. In the second half of the adds phase I pop frost nova (some sort of root) then Thunderstorm on shamans, along with the magma totems and elemental pets should wipe out a chunk of adds by the time the worm pops back up. I have a macro to Lay on Hands my priest which is a good way to draw aggro as well.

    His damage isn't that bad so you have a chance when he repops to top up healing. I blow all my dps tricks and am able to burn him down before he burrows a second time. You can survive a toss, if you've got a fairly good handle on the adds (aggro wise), and if you get tossed side ways... not down or up the length of that hallway.

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, the gear difference between early 83 (start of Deepholm) and end of 83, is dramatic.

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    Probably not worth dwelling in this 83 instance if it slows down your leveling. DO your quest to open up dailies and buy tabard for rep grind later on.

    I wiped some at the 3rd melee stone boss, and got through later by moving out of the AOE with timer. I got to the last boss. Without reliable AOE snare and good AOE (in other words without Howling Friging Blast), just can't get the last boss down. Adds just own my team. After another series wipes, I decided this was not worth it. went back to questing.

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    Just did this with dk tank and 4 ret paladins :P pretty easy boss fights and trash pulls...

    Boss 1
    tank and spank... used seal of truth and when worm goes underground just run around

    Boss 2
    Run and spank... Seal of insight used, paladins used follow all the time so when there was something in ground i just moved tank and when dragon goes up go to good place where you can heal your team back to fight.

    Boss 3

    Tanked this boss near fall, paladins used seal of insight. When boss does ground slam run your tank to legs and back to position... wait few sec and start moving your paladins away from shatter before boss casts it.
    Then back to action and use all possible cd's your paladins and dk has in this fight so your mana dosn't run out.

    Boss 4

    Again used seal of insight used aoe rotation all the time. Run away stuff from ground and spam your aoe so that divine storm takes down adds that spawn then keep running and aoe run and aoe run and aoe and win

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    Well the way I look at it, I can learn it now or learn it later. What I've been doing is give myself X number of wipes or a certain amount of time, go learn/die adjust. And then go lvl some more. The cool thing is these instances while on the one hand are a little annoying, are really forcing me to improve as boxer be that learning movement, adding keys and macros to do certain things etc. I think of it as adding to my toolbox.

    It also helps that others are clearing them so I know it is possible . If no one was clearing/killing the mobs I would just skip em.

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    Learning is ok. Some wipes here and there won't hurt anything, just don't dwell in this one instance and not doing your quest. Anyway my point was on the effectiveness. Learning will slow you down. You can learn it now or you can learn it later. But the days you missed for your dailies could not be made up. If you want to PVE 5 man, you just can't avoid the dailies/rep grind to gear up. Heroic this round is no joke you need all the gears you can get.

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    Most odd today,

    I went in , and got Corobus on first try today. It seemed so much smoother, I actually am wondering if they nerfed him.

    Seems the number of adds was less, the other thing that helped is I was able to focus more outside of running but also where I was running and was able to spend more time out of harms way. Seemed easier to see and avoid dust clouds, maybe my view was further away.

    Anyone know if he was nerfed at all?

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