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    Default 10 wow accounts on one machine, 6 monitors (eyefinity 6)

    Just thought it looked cool. I couldn't resist the cata promotion, so created 5 new accounts and I'm 10boxing now. bleh, lol. I also recently switched from pure hardware to pure software. (my hardware wouldn't run 10, upgrading it would have been almost as muhc as the new hardware, and i get to use my 6 monitors for productivity now (eyefinity 6 for the win). As an aside, egads, isboxer is pure win. Logged them all in and did a print screen with task manager in the foreground. Warning, its huuuge. Thumbnailed version from Picasa below, and a link to the full version at imagehack (3840x2048, 2 megs). Runs pretty well. Dal sort of lags a bit with all 10, but is playable.
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    So I see 16 GB of Ram, but what Processor are you running?
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    I suppose I should have listed the system specs, oops. Processor is an Amd 1090T, the ram is ddr3 1333, and the 3d card is a sapphire Radeon HD 5870 2GB Eyefinity 6 edition, I also stuck wow and windows on a OCZ Agility 90 gig ssd. Mobo is an ASRock 890FX delux 3.
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    That looks like 3 monitors in portrait mode. Can you take a photo of your monitors in use with a camera phone or something?
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    Its actually 6 monitors. (2x3). Right now I don't have any display groups. (Though I played around with a 3x1 on the bottom for awhile). Its gonna sound silly, but the primary reason is I currently have the top 3 monitors mounted upside down and for a 3x2 display group to work they have to be the same orientation, and i'm being lazy. Im sure at some point i'll feel the need to play starcraft 2 or something in insane resolution, but for now the primary application is wow, hehe. The monitor mounting didn't change from the previous setup pic I posted...

    Though I've moved since then. I converted minidisplayport to dvi and hooked it into the dvi inputs of my monitors. the output from the 6 machines in the rack is still vga, and still connected, though I have no desire to use them. I think I will stick them in another room and configure them to run headless. Though maybe not. Honestly dunno what to do with 5 machines that have hardware a generation or two behind =p

    Eyefinity is capable of doing portrait...theres videos of them playing dirt on 6x1 portriat 30 inchers.. which is really nice looking=p

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    I have no idea why the picture of the computer looks dusty. its not. lol.

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