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    I've resolved most of my issues thanks everyone (especially Khat your guides really are helpful to a first time casual like me)!

    I bound
    /tar Master


    /tar Master

    and bound a key to Interact with Target.

    Then finally got the Oem3 mouse clicking to work decently when completing and accepting quests (woo!)

    Only problem I have left is that occasionally only one window will respond to HKN. When I check the log it says it's sending to bot W1 and W2. I try reloading the script and restarting HKN but it doesn't help. I think it has to do with when I re-size windows with the mouse but I'm not sure. It's weird the keys will only send to the background window while the main one won't respond. Restarting the computer fixed but trying to get to the bottom of why it's happening and so I can avoid it.

    Thanks for you help everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainking View Post
    Only problem I have left is that occasionally only one window will respond to HKN. When I check the log it says it's sending to bot W1 and W2.
    If HotkeyNet shows you blue messages saying it sent keystrokes to both windows, but only one WoW reacts to them, the reason is almost always that you have more than one window on the computer with the same name as the window that isn't receiving.

    In other words, you have told HotkeyNet to send keystrokes to a window with a particular name. HotkeyNet has found a window with that name. HotkeyNet has sent keystrokes to that window. But it's not the window you have in mind.

    When you reposition or resize windows, you can change the Z order. This changes the order in which HotkeyNet finds windows, and it can make this problem appear or disappear.

    A second window of this sort can exist without your being aware of it. Many windows are invisible. A second window of this kind can get created when you slide the cursor over a task bar button (the thumbnail that pops up briefly is a window, and it has the same name as the original).

    You can test whether this is the cause of the problem. Next time it happens, look at the blue messages and notice the handle of the window that HotkeyNet is sending keystrokes too. Write it down. Then go to the Actions Menu and select "Identify window handle" and figure out whether it's the right window.
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    From this pc: <SendWinM WoW2><Key 8><SendWinM WoW1><Key 8>
    <SendWinM WoW2> completed: Window found. Target set to 0x180206 "WoW2"
    <Key 8> completed
    <SendWinM WoW1> failed: Could not find window "WoW1"
    <Key 8> failed: no window is targeted

    This is the error i'm getting when the program when it's not working (usually after I resize a window)

    Is there a command someone can help me with to restore my windows to the size they are when I use the ALT CTRL L command to launch them initially?


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    You're having a problem because your windows aren't named correctly
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    Why do you resize the windows after HKN resizes them?
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