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    Once you make a UI like this great one, how do you make it so all your toons/characters use it? Without remaking it again and again?

    I love this whole UI and would like to try and create one very similar, but with VuhDo instead of Grid.
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    Anyone using this? Thoughts on it?
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    Very tidy...

    My UI is a complete mess atm, i was thinking i would completely bin all my addons and start afresh.. and i like alot of what you have done.

    I agree with Malgor, once i have done one character i would like a simple way to copy it to all characters / accounts. Anyone know how to do this in a simple way?

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    Use mouse/keyboard repeater/broadcasting.
    So when you configure one toon/account, you're doing the same for all of them.

    Then any element that is account wide, is the same for all toons.
    Anything that is toon specific, hopefully you can save a profile and then load that on another toon.

    If you cannot do profiles, you can try copy/paste the relevant stuff in the WTF folder.

    And if that doesn't work, then configure a few addons manually.
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    what addon are you using to show Party Damage?
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    Can you please rar your interface map and wtf map ?
    So we can just put it in our wow map and just change the account names.
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    Thread is from 2010 if you didnt notice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zebgasm View Post
    where can u download it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bzyta View Post
    Thread is from 2010 if you didnt notice.

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