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    Same problem here.

    It's NOT server name related (explanations bellow)
    I'm working on 5 servers at the same time(auction for gold) & only one window on one server have this problem (servers with Russian names)
    For me its: All addons except of 1 are enabled. And game don't care how you disable/enable addons in game or in files.. after every logon(on char or in game) it's same picture ... (ISBoxer)

    Windows names: 1 2 3 4 5 (etc)
    Server names: a b c d e

    Window 3 on server C = problem.

    I've tried use this server in another window - there is no problem there = not server name.
    Windows 1 on server C = no problem

    I've tried use another server in this window = no problem..
    Windows 3 on server 1 = no problem

    I'll try to recreate charset for tests.. maybe some small bug..

    EDIT: Problem solved. Solution: Recreate character set.

    have a nice day
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    From Russia with love (Ru(EU) - Grom - Horde)

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