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    I notice my hunters don't like to interact with targets like other melee or casters. They have this special I am a retard effect where when someone gets close they wont turn to face them properly (everytime).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kicksome View Post
    I tried to multibox hunters, got them to 80, but they really sucked. Even with good gear. The whole melee range business is terrible.
    I did the same thing.

    I was happy to have finally leveled a team, but damn disappointing when I realized how much I had to out gear the content to actually do anything, low lvl PvP was awesome, but 60+ became too difficult and boring.

    And yes, the melee range thing sucks balls

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    I lvled a hunter to run pal/hunt/3sham and it works well... Hunt + 4 shams in ICC works fine, but I won't even bother taking the hunter into BGs with the shamans it is just bad. Solo hunter play in arenas is the main reason I leveled my hunter and I'm glad that I did. As far as multi-boxing goes he's soon to be benched by a destro lock.

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