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    Default Issue with positioning for certain bosses

    Well its become clear as i start clearing Heroics on my Prot and 3x ret team that i'm going to have to stop button mashing my interact with target key.

    Last night was running Azjul-Nerub for random heroic and the boss pounded 3 of my guys dead instantly... which I knew was a possibility, but just didnt want to set up for it lol.

    So, what i'm asking is you melee boxers what are you doign for positioning? just hitting interact with target when needing to reposition? Also are you using Auto-Strobing or are you disabling that also?

    Currently i'm using Innerspace/Isboxer and have my Interact with Target as the 2nd step in 2 of my DPS keys. 1 and 2. So whenever i use these two my guys will move to where the target is.

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    I have disabled strobing and on that particular fight I leave my rets to side until I see what direction he casts pound. Once he starts then hit IWT and bring them in, he won't cast it again until after the next burrow phase.

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    I don't use strobing for normal combat situations, I only use it when traveling, mounted combat {Occulus, TotC} and on the move fights like Ick and Krick. I only interact when I need to.

    1 is my paladin pull button with "/jamba-follow master melee" tacked on the end. My melee slaves all have /assist focus on that key.

    2 is my main spam button.

    Tab is my melee only interact button {I moved "tab targeting" to one of my mouse buttons}.

    So, I pull with 1 on my pally. My melee slaves autofollow and assist. Once I'm positioned, I hit tab a couple of times and then start spamming 2. I won't hit interact again unless my slaves need to turn or move. This way I don't get stuck with toons running off or looting in combat. Because I have assist and autoattack built into my spam macro, everyone will just keep picking up the next mob to kill and get to work. Sometimes I even opt for just backing up my tank a bit to realign the mobs instead of using interact. Or in cases like the Pound, I'll back everyone up using back arrow to make sure my slaves are behind the mob.

    I also have autofollow after combat enabled for my melee toons, so even if they do start to run off after a kill, they come right back as soon as combat drops.
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    I did alot better tonight, I just kept strobing off like ya'll said. It worked nicely.

    Only boss i had trouble with tonight was Scourgelord Tyrannus... not actual battle trouble.. but he bugged and hopped right back on his Dragon lol.... had to run all the way to the portal to zone out


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    lol nice and congrats

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