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    Default Anyone still boxing Aion

    Since the game price dropped to $19.95 I decided to give two boxing a try and was looking for some help with macros and setup. I got Keyclone to work somewhat last night but I didnt get anywhere with IS.

    Any help or links appreciated, I've already got some basic macros
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    I dual-box aion when leveling. I use keyclone. I use one macro, that is to select the group leader and follow him. The group leader is alway my main toon. Use the Action Key for assisting (the command is /Skill Select Target's Target), but why reinvent what they alreay have. The problem with macros in Aion, if you do any other action while a macro is executing, it will interrupt your macro.

    The examples they give, many of them are wrong now. They use to allow dualboxing on one computer, now you need a separate computer for running each character. Thus, if you use Keyclone, you would have to have two licenses for it.

    Once you get into PvP territory, you may find dualboxing in Aion a hinderance or a greater challenge.

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