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    Default WotLK - Halls of Stone - Bran event

    So after my first attempt (and fail) at this on my prot pally, 3 ele shaman and resto shaman team I looked up some tactics. There seems to be 2 main tactics from what I could see on here.....

    1. Have the shaman outside the room where Bran is with their backs to the circular wall in the middle while the tank stays on the steps picking up the mobs.

    2. Have the shaman stand in the middle of Bran's room while the tank picks up the mob on the stairs.

    I sucked at both of these. Phase 1 and 2 are fine....when phase three hits I start to struggle to keep all of the adds on the stairs and end up having to move to pull them off Bran. I've tried having the elementals out and such like but it doesn't seem enough and Bran dies. When the shaman are in the room, I dunno if it's just a matter of me needing to practice the slave movement or not, but they're constantly getting gibbed by the lazers. If I focus on trying to keep them alive, Bran ends up getting overrun and killed.

    Does anyone have any other tactics or perhaps some videos on how to do this? My tank is pretty well geared, the shaman not brilliantly, but should be enough to handle this event. The characters are linked on my profile:
    Melchiah - tank
    Nekot, Yachaak, Dakun - DPS
    Throwaway - healer


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    While running away from lasers you still need to make sure the tank is picking up the adds.
    Aoe spells help getting them down while moving.
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    I stand at the top of the stairs personally. Just make sure when the laser focuses on you that you move out of it. Also can't remember the name but use the totem that pulses damage so the mobs take damage and stop and don;t just run by you,
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    Park your guys facing Brann outside the room and then have your tank pick up everything. This keeps them from the lasers. Pop elementals at the 3rd phase and then keep your tank aoe going. Dont worry too much about killing stuff, just keep it from getting to brann. The first few times I beat it right as I wiped. Now I can do it pretty well with no one dying and brann not taking damage. I still hate it though, 5 mins is ridiculous for a boss encounter in a 5man dungeon.

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    Not sure if it helps much, or if you're doin it. I have a similar spec to you and keep Seal of Command up at all times while fighting mobs, then switch to Seal of Vengeance for boss fights. So far I've only been tanking heroics on that part with my main tryin to gear up a bit more to try and multibox them, but when I run that part, I tag the first bad guy I see pops up there and the SoC tags them all right off the bat. Couple things that might help. Watch your taunts and space them out along the phases. Use your totem on your shaman that slows the enemy's movement, see if that'll help any. Maybe even the one that taunts enemies onto it, spread those out too to help with phases 3-5. But if you keep them at the top of the steps right before you go into the room backed up to that circular part, they should be out of reach of the laser.

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    I managed to kinda do it last night. Did a few things:

    1. Set the focus of my tank and healer to bran so I could keep an eye on his health. My healing is done by mouse over macros and a repeater region on isboxer....I moved the focus unit frame just below my repeater region and extended it.

    2. I already use seal of command on the tank as standard to keep the AoE threat up.

    3. Parked my toons in the middle of Bran's room for Phases 1 and 2.

    4. When phase 3 started I kept an eye out for the first lazer, when that triggered, I put the toons on strobed follow of the tank to move them out of the lazers and popped the earth elementals on the 4 shaman.

    5. Chain healed as much as I could.

    6. The shaman DID all die, but I'd lasted longer than I had done previously.

    7. At the end, I bubbled the pally but still continued to tank the adds.

    8. The pally did die....but Bran had lasted long enough and the event was completed.

    I'll try to refine my movement on the end phase...and try not to worry so much about killing the adds so much as making sure that they're on the tank or the elementals.

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    Looking at a [Brann Spankin' New] video on the laser positioning helps. There seems to be 'avoiding' which I think I do ok, and there there is actual 'avoiding' which I cannot seem to find completely regularly. Someone needs to post a higher def video of that event.

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