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    Arrow Cataclysm Videos

    Seeing as the NDA has been lifted I can now share these with the general public. These are videos I've been making to show previews of some of the new areas in the upcoming Cataclysm expansion. I'm going to share them here because I know some of you do like my work while I'm sure others could care less and are happy with still screenshots from online sites. There will be no YouTube video links for any of these videos because the audio tracks I'm using do not play well with YouTube and are instantly muted. I choose the audio tracks prior to recording the video, therefore both the audio and video are intended to go together as one single experience, uploading them to YouTube would destroy that. If you do not wish to download these larger files, then don't. All of these will be rendered at 1280 x 720p and I'm doing my best to keep them under 200MB each. I'm in no way forcing anyone to download these videos, but I'm going to reiterate that some of you guys like the work that I do with videos so I'm just going to throw these up here for anyone and everyone. Included next to each video will be a PasteBin link which will have a video breakdown in case you need to know about a certain shot in the video.

    On a side note, some of you have already seen some of my Cataclysm videos. These, that I will be posting here, are newer revamped versions than what you've seen before, but they are practically the same videos. If you're bored and have the bandwidth to waste feel free to download them again.

    Stormwind City -- 1280 x 720p -- 119.07MB
    Video Breakdown

    Durotar / Orgrimmar -- 1280 x 720p -- 147.16MB
    Video Breakdown

    Gilneas -- 1280 x 720p -- 110.41MB *NEW*

    Video Breakdown

    Feel free to post any feedback on the videos. If you're going to hate or flame you might as well just keep that to yourself.
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    Yay! Me likey the Orgrimmar stuff :>

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    I likey what I see. Got a bad feelin this is gonna wreak havoc on my laptop tryin to multibox tho. Atleast running all 4 of my accounts. Might have to cut back if I don't upgrade my hardware setup.

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    looking good ;D
    nice video's
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    I'm excited by the changes. Org looks amazing to me with the new design.

    Check out some of the dungeons to come... Looks like they continued on wih the ICC 5 man designs for boss fights.

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    Any thoughts on the hardware implications? I five box on my laptop and simply can't run my team at all in Dalaran. I'm pretty good anywhere else. Have the hardware requirements for the expansion gone up or will it be on par with Wrath and an overly populated area like Dalaran?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jinkobi View Post
    I'm excited by the changes. Org looks amazing to me with the new design.

    Check out some of the dungeons to come... Looks like they continued on wih the ICC 5 man designs for boss fights.

    they look like they are going to be a challenge! i can't wait :P that stone dragon boss, loads of spikes falling from the sky that seem to block LoS and flames poppin out of the ground!

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    Someone is also streaming live beta footage-

    Their choice in music is terrible- but at least you can see some stuff.

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    I think watching a few of these dungeon videos has changed how I will play in cataclysm. I'll probably level my teams to 85 and then abandon all but one character from each until gearflation catches up to make the dungeons easier to box (pvp gear new tier of emblems, etc)

    Edit: mostly because what I saw required lots of individual movement. I think most boxers will struggle with this until the gear catches up to allow mistakes. The thing that made me happiest Is that I saw no ToC mounted bullshit so far.
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