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    Question Holy/Disc Priest, and four paladins.

    Hi Dual-boxing members.

    So, i was thinking, about leveling a new team.
    And this is what I came up with.
    A set up, featuring one priest, who is based upon healing. So Disc, or Holy.
    And four retribution paladins, with one going prot for later instances.

    What do you guys think, is this viable? Main reason I looked at this was because
    The paladins would get much passive ehaling from DS and Judgement of light.
    There is a great combo of buffs and auras.
    A dedicated healer, which may be squishy, but might be a bit more viable with the paladin protection buffs on rotation.
    I little birdy told me that paladin teams are very strong.
    All can rez, which is nice.

    So, just incase there is something I overlooked, can anyone point out some of the bad things about this combination?
    Or other nice things that I missed.

    So far, they are at lvl 3, so no biggie if there is a massive problem I overlooked.

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    How attached to the idea of a priest healer are you?

    You could always just run 5 x paladins with one dual spec'd to heal and another dual spec'd to tank, and have 5 ret for PvP / Missions.

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    for pvp, mass dispell will get even more powerful with cata than palas loose magic dispel.

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    Well, with having a priest, I get extra buffs, which is always nice.
    Plus, i get some really good AoE healing. Plus psychic scream.
    Having PWS is good, especially when discipline specced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drevil View Post
    for pvp, mass dispell will get even more powerful with cata than palas loose magic dispel.
    Most paladins are alerady not using cleanse.
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    A priest is an awesome BG and PvP healer for the paladin team, due to the stonr disc bubbles, they will pretty much ensure you never need heals as a paladin team. the only issue, is that with a paladin team, you are ALWAYS running around in BGs and killing people, and a priest healer is maybe the only healer who can keep up, besides a druid. I tried a a shaman, but never got far because of the lack of on-the-run heals. A priest has a great mix of buffs and stuff. Also, you could always stop as long as u needed to penance your low HP paladin and then keep running.

    The only downside, is being kited like CRAZY. The ret pally + Dk thing works so well because of the DK slows it brings. without it, the team may be a little gimped, but then again if you are chasing someone in a BG, you can usually just find someone else and destroy them instead.

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