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Its pretty easy for a 5 boxer tbh

1 Seige 1
2 Seige 2
3 Demo 1
4 Demo 1
5 Demo2/chopper

set up up seige in top right and bottom left as you face the gates (so they are as far apart as possible)
shoot down a ton of pyrite before you attack levi

-use demo to keep up pyrite stack
-use this macro to collect pyrite (char 4)

/tar liquid pyrite
/cast grab crate

if levi targets demo then speed boost away collecting pyrite while you go
if levi targets seige let them take the pounding and dps with demo

You should down him in about 3 mins providing you can keep pyrite stack up

toon 5 is not really needed its personal choice if you prefer to go chopper or a little extra dps at the start
You sir, are a hero.

FL was the weekly this week, so I decided to try this strategy and it took me 7-8 attempts before I figured it out as I had never even stepped foot into that place. For any new guys trying this, I'll spell out a few things that I found confusing. First, I didn't realize that 3 was in the demolisher, and 4 was a passenger. I was trying them in separate demolishers the first 4 or 5 attempts. I was close to quitting as I wasn't even close to killing him.

I was also confused by "shoot down a ton of pyrite before you attack levi". Since I saw the pyrite by the enterance, I was using the chopper to move it into the room first. I didn't realize you shoot the stuff out of the air. Even doing it the hard way, I cleared him on my DK/paly team by running around and swapping between 3 and 4 to drive and shoot down the pyrite. After I figured it out, I tried it again on my shammy team and 1 shot him.

To sum it up for the guys that have never attempted this fight, simply follow his instructions above, and you'll be doing all the movement/fighing from toon #3.

Thanks again!