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    Default Being new at this I suck

    Ok thanks Moorea's script i finally got a couple of toons going in Aion

    now as a total Noob to this I'm kinda at a loss as how to macro each toons and what exactly to macro

    here's what im planning for 2x Xp weekend this weekend

    I have 4 accounts at present and am thinking of multiboxing the 4 across 2 PC's with HKN

    It will either be 4 rangers or 3 rangers and a Cleric or Chanter

    I'm thinking Cleric simply because i won't need the xtra DPS

    These toons I am going to try and do nothing but rifts with once they reach 20 and have all +10 gear and weapons for each

    Thats already made Muhahahaha

    Anyways heres what i would like some help with

    Moorea if you could show me, tell, help me or someone could show me how to set HKN to use the other machine in the script I already have, that would be outstanding

    And a little help with how to macro the healer to the Dps without, as i did numerous times already today, killing the healer cause they dont heal themselves MUHAHAHA

    Thanks for any and all help

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    my script was for 2 toon on 1 machine but if you look at :

    and combine with my script / apply same pattern you should be able to do 2+2 ?
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