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    Default Aion Multiboxing - Aether Labs

    Hey everyone,

    Haven't had a lot of time to play AION lately, but I have managed to get the team up to level 42. Ran Aether Labs a couple of times, which is a level 41 to 45 instance. I taped a run so people could see what the instance was like. I sped up the video some since it takes much longer to kill elites in AION than it does Warcraft.

    I am playing 4 of the characters (2 Sorcerers, Cleric and a Templar) and a friend is playing the other 2 Sorcerers. Makes life a little easier. Overall a lot of fun to box and a nice challenge. Definitely need to be on your toes with CC and not targeting the wrong mobs. If I make it 50 I'll post some of the late game instance runs.

    By far the most fun I have had in the game has been the Xeno weapon quest series. You have to go deep into enemy territory (PvP zone) to do some quests, then run one of their instances. It was very challenging since you are killing elites, the enemy faction is constantly trying to gank you and it is a major pain to get to these areas if you die.

    Hope you enjoy the video.
    Pally, mage, druid, priest and shaman on Staghelm.

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    Really nice =)

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    I can't tell much from my iPhone but it looks like a fun game. I'll have to try it out once I get to my next base.

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    Very nice indeed. Are you running these all on one machine or separate machines? The fact that the launcher would only allow me to launch 2 instances (unless there is a way around that now) of the game was a little disappointing. If I had multiple machines I could see myself trying to box this game.

    I did start off when Aion first launched but it really felt like a giant Korean grindfest. I know since then they've increased experience gains and what not, and the teaser video for the expansion looks nice as well. But if I was going to grind mobs again I'd want a healer to have zero downtime. This game as a whole looks very nice, but I'm going to wait until it's further down the line to jump back into it.

    Look forward to more videos.

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    how much did they boost the exp in Aion? I hear it was 500% and in some quests 53x as much exp, but that was Korean beta, what were the actual numbers?

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    Hi Teslah,
    Yes, that was a nice vid. would you mind if you answer some questions for me? I am new to boxing and yes i have been to the newbie area and have seen the softwares but all i keep reading is its for WOW. Now i am just planning to dualbox, could you tell me how to set that up? Do you use software or hardware Box?

    I do hope you could spare a few minutes of your time to help me out..


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