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    I keep telling myself that tonight's the night I pug a raid, for the experience and emblems ... and then every night I decide to do something else, because my main is a tank now and I haven't had to put up with criticism of my tanking for over a year now. Multiboxing has made me shy.
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    lol, I can understand that. Only time I tank is for my guild. and even then it is rare as we have built up so many alt tanks. It's just not worth the stress for me anymore, having done nothing but tank on a warrior, then again on a pally for close to two years.

    It is just so relaxing to sit back on my DPS shamans, and enjoy the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thinus View Post
    You can gear out a team in less than a week. It took me a while to get the first heroics down and I had to spend some money on gear but once I was able to clear the first few heroics regularly the badges just rolled in. I went 5/5 T9 on my whole team just for giggles, not optimal but I have a thing about sets. 2 bronze drakes and a blue drake so far.

    I enjoy the challenge of doing it with the team and getting the team geared and progressing as a team. Working on HToC at the moment and when that is on farm onto ICC.
    I know, but I can't box for a while - I'll probably be on dial up or a net card for a while when I move in a couple of weeks. So, until I can start boxing again, pugging will be fine. I can pug my way to a decent gear level on everyone, and clear on my own for the rest.
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