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    Default Quick System Stress Test

    I just started multi boxing last night. I thought it looked easy so I wanted to give it a try. Personally I'm in favor of the hardware solution but I cant afford it right now. So I thought that I would give it a try on my gaming box.

    Intel Kentsfield, 2.9 ghz extreme
    4 gigs dd2 800mhz
    Evga 8800GT 512 meg
    2x 500GB Seagate 7200 RPM
    XP 64

    I ran 5 copies of wow, from the same game directory.
    Res: 1280x1024
    Max settings.
    Vsync on.
    FPS: 30+ per copy

    I had to umm have my friend and brother log in for me, since account sharing is bad... yep bad.

    I ran into some glitches, where the mouse seemed to have a mind of its own, and would kick my POV to over head.
    First night using keyclone, seemed pretty good. There are several problems I have with it, but I'll work it out later if I got time.

    When I started my toons, I only had 2 going, and while I was turning in my first quest, who did I see? ANOTHER multi boxer running 3 mages. I think its funny, I randomly pick a server to test on, and at the same time, so did someone else! We got such a warm response when we spammed general ^^

    Feedback is welcome.

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    heh i like the general chat thing. There is someone I met in my server while I was boxing (his guildie reported me lol) and ive been helping him get set up to 5 box as well (hes lvl 7 or 8 now i think) well he happened to be near org and I was logging for the night so we went on top of the bank in org and flooded the roof with totems and started dancing. it was so freaking funny. We had one serious crowd going the dude couldn't stop laughing on vent
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    I was only on for like an hour or so, I got reported for that little video clip. I told the GM that it slipped and he was like, ok bye lol

    People really seem to digg the multi boxing

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    RE: The flipping camera thing.

    If you are using Synergy, you need to go into options and make sure "Use relative mouse moves" is checked. Be sure you restart synergy.
    That should fix ya
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    Not using Synergy, all are on the same box, running layered
    I think that its keyclone, or the fact that I'm running 5 copies of the same game from the same folder. Going to make copies of the wow dir and try running cleanly like that.

    I was just looking to see how well my new comp handled things.
    This last week I've been trying to write macros to make the following process a little easier. Also been trying to multibox a healer instead of mages.

    Test bed is a priest and warlock just for totally different skills.

    If I find the problem I'll def post my finding!

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