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    Ignore everything except for mirror and dps like crazy. Soon as mirror ends hit auto follow MORE THAN ONCE. He will stun one guy so you have to keep hitting it.
    DPS DPS, stop for mirror, DPS DPS.
    When he gets to about 30% (depending on your dps) have all your guys on auto follow. Be ready to move as soon as you see warning. You can run THROUGH him and if your guys are above 20k they should live if you moved quickly enough (even better would be to hit forward on all guys). It's crucial that you are all in melee range of him though as it doesnt give you much warning. Once you get to other side of him dps the crap out of him.

    Keep doing that.

    If moving through him doesnt work for you there is always strafe sideways and then autofollow. Best to always keep within melee range of the boss, further back and his AoE moves faster than you can run, simple math.

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    Default THis dude is a joke

    Quote Originally Posted by heyaz View Post
    The wailing souls thing instant wipes my entire group before I can even get my shaman to re-follow. They have about 27000hp buffed, as soon as he leaps or starts casting this awful spell I have them follow me but they are dead before they even get underneath him. Is there a better way to do this?
    THe tactics to fight the gy are the same on normal as they are in heroic except more damge and more hp to deal with. The trick is to not have burst dps here but instead to have longevity.

    I did this guy with three tries and unless Im drunk I never wipe on him ever and most of the time i finish the fight with 80-90% health on all toons.

    My group is 1 pally tank 3 ele sham dps and 1 druid healer.

    My tank runs about 33k buffed tank and my shamans are about 21k buffed and they still wear cloth pieces for god sake! The dude who has shaman at 27k buffed dude you must be able to sleep through this seriously. My druid runs 500plus mp5 castinig and well over 700 mp5 when not and never comes close to running out of mana this is key.

    I go in and drop 12 tots between the stairs and the inner ring on the floor this is deadzone and will not agg the boss. Keep your guys on follow all the time. On heroic mode it is crucial to keep moving all the time because if he jumps the purple shit of death will spike damage hard and if your group heals lag some or all of you will be dead fast. I keep my shaman dots on him and when he casts mirrored soul i just keep running and pan the camera to see when the link stop then i continue dps. He will shoot the green bolt at the tank so when i stop to dps i make sure i keep up my lifebloom on my tank and keep aoe healing my group with wild growth. When he casts the wailing souls and unleashes the dead souls to dps you I find that you can dps him for about 3-4 secs more before he jumps and leaves a purple pool of death so I time it out and then just start moving again keeping the camera panned around. He will cast beam of insta death shortly after the undead despawn but all you have to do is move away to either side of the guy it doesnt matter which before he even starts the beam and if you are lucky the direction you picked to go will be the opposite of the direction he picks to sweep the beam if this is the case run right to him and pop your dps trinkets and cd's and mass burt the hell out of him while he is casting the beam. This is the longest pause before he starts to cast mirrored soul again in which case you just repeat the whole process again. As long as you have enough mp5 and healing power you should be able to heal your group through the whole fight with no problem. The only way you can die is if you lag or something and the beam catches your healer. I have done this even with one of my dps dying because I failed to heal him on on mirroed soul link because i didnt time my dps stop quick enough. Try this strategy on normal which is a complete joke and you should be able to get it down pretty easy.

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    So anyone got any tips on how to keep toons on follow in these types of fights? I find a toon will stop following from time to time and next thing I know they have died. Will Jamba strobe keep them on follow through the fight or is there something else that will help?

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    Default jamba

    Quote Originally Posted by crowdx View Post
    So anyone got any tips on how to keep toons on follow in these types of fights? I find a toon will stop following from time to time and next thing I know they have died. Will Jamba strobe keep them on follow through the fight or is there something else that will help?
    i use a g15 keyboard and the key right next to the number 1 key is my follow key. I hit that every once every few seconds manually to make my toons follow me using jamba. I dont use strobe follow at all and I have never had a problem keeping my guys hanging around me. The only problem you really have is the delay when you move and the distance you have to be away from the slaves before they start to follow. This can be a problem with the beam of insta death oif you are to slow to start moving before the beam is cast your slves might get burnt but other than that I have no problem with follow.

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    Jamba strobe always keeps follow up, it's f'ing awesome for that. Problems come in for me when I want to turn it off and have like .1 secs to do that. I always mess it up

    Small addendum to my original post and in agreement with KAC: This is a longevity fight. DPS hard when you can, but keep your slaves on follow and move around a lot. I move in this fight almost as much as I do for Ick and Krick. It's annoying, but in the end he goes down.

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    Just downed him heroic. Here's what worked

    1 - Shadow Resist Aura
    2 - Spread your dps out. When he jumps, I have up arrow move the toons forward then they just turn to face him when they are clear with my Follow Focus macro (focus = tank). I've got ISboxer set up to spread them out in four directions back and carry on.

    That's it. I tried auto-follow (without shadow resist - not sure if that helps, haha, but I got him down with 3 toons up, vs wiping before).

    They start in the yellow, tank pulls DoS to the red.

    (Having mad gear doesn't hurt either)
    Warfather + Scrub + Fumble + Bumble + Botch
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    23 kills on my mage and no arcane loops :-|

    Anyway, the way I do him is simply run in and nuke. When he starts mirror (DBM will tell you) - hit follow and run around the room like a headless chicken while instanthealing (I use PoM, renew and CoH). When mirror is done, resume DPS. At some point, after 1 or 2 mirrors (depending on your luck) he starts unleashed souls (creating all the immune mobs), I switch to concentration aura, blow my cooldowns and burst him.

    At some point he'll either start mirror again, at which point you simply hit follow and run around until it's done while healing, or he'll cast wailing souls (frontal cone shadow damage).When he start's casting wailing souls (again, DBM will warn you), simply run behind and resume dps. He should be close to dead at this point, but even if he's not simply rinse and repeat above strategy.
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    So something on this dungeon, my biggest issue is the first couple of trash pulls coming up the ramp (after the two guys at the door in the very start). These mobs do a bunch of AoE nukes which I have wiped on several times. Anyone got a strategy to manage these pulls better? I currently run up to the mobs, park my team and then send in my tank focusing on the bone guy (I think he does most AoE damage), at this point the whole mob sometimes runs past my tank and AoE's my team, even though I have consecration down.
    Anyone got some better strategy? My hunter's pet helps a little with the casters but normally it is the initial AoE damage which wipes the group.

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    There are several options. If you have good gear, you can just faceroll them. If you don't, CC is the key. With shaman you simply hex all the humanoids and kill the rest.

    My current setup is paladin, priest, mage, shaman, hunter. When CC'ing, I poly the healer (adept), hex the nearest humanoid (since hex has limited range), viper sting another humanoid and shackle the shade-type of mobs that jumps around. If there is no shade, I shackle a bone-caster.

    That way you only have one, max 2, mobs on you and it's a piece of cake. If you prefer the non-cc method, which is faster, you just spam AE heals while killing first the adept (healer), then bonecaster, then rest.
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