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    Question 4 or 5-boxed 60-80 Leveling

    Hello there.

    I have a few questions about an group composition.
    I have been tri-boxing 3 shamans for 4 months now, and a few days ago, I decided that I wantet to try a 5-man group.

    Already having 3 accounts, I could, with buying 2 accounts more, only get RaF on 4 of them.
    So 1 of the 5 accounts had to either be leveled normally, have a 5'th char wating at level 60 / 80 or create a Dk.
    For this I choose my main account, which got a few 80's.

    So I made my 4-man team, consisting of 1 Warlock, 1 Priest as healer, 1 Mage and 1 Paladin as tank.
    The main thought was that I was going to boost them all to 60 and then 4-man group instances.

    But now, I cannot decide what to do. I would really like to instance level them, but do you guys think that's possible with only 4 poor geared chars?

    And if not, should I then make a Dk and let him tank instead, changing the Paladin to healer and the priest to a dps?
    Or would it be possible to take in the Dk as a dps? Because I would really like to have my Paladin tank. But wouldn't that be hard to control?
    And would it have any synergy with a group that mainly is a caster-oriented-group?

    I'm really in doubt, on what I should do, so I would love to hear some fellow multiboxers view on the matter
    So if you would be so kind as to leave a comment, of the construcktive kind, I would be very pleased!

    Btw, I'm using ISBoxer multi-boxing suite on 1 computer as my software, really loving it ^^
    And btw, sorry for my english, it's NOT my first language ^^

    Anyway, thanks in advance!

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    Three existing accounts, call them A, B and C.
    Two new accounts, which will be RAF referred from B and C.
    Two new accounts, are D and E.
    Your set up will be:

    B -- RAF Linked to -- D
    C -- RAF Linked to -- E

    A is the boosting account, with the 80's on it.

    For the boosting, I would boost with your highest level (and best geared if similar level) tank type.
    If all else is equal, a Feral Druid is the top choice, but a Prot Paladin is a close second.
    Any tank type works good.
    Or lacking all of these, any high level works, with AoE classes higher then not AoE.

    During RAF, you'll want to boost a lot of toons on BCDE.
    You will want to end up with a tank option on each account.
    And a healer option on each account.
    Which opens doors, for later teams.

    You might want to go 4x class, for a few types.
    Like 4x Shaman, 4x Druid, 4x Warlock, 4x Mage, 4x Rogue, 4x Paladin..
    Whatever sounds like fun playing, with one other class as support.

    A mixed team or two, might be fun to play as well.
    For the RAF, I'd try to "boost" them as 4x one class.
    It just makes it easier on you, for training and such.
    You don't need to play them 60-80, as 4x one class, but you can.

    From a boxing point of view, a Prot Paladin is the best tank by a long shot.
    They tank well, and macro much easier then anything else.
    For this reason, a DK tank is the worst, but most will "drive" from the tanks window, so a DK will work.

    The top healers for teams, are usually Disc Priest > Resto Druid > Holy Priest > Shaman > Paladin.
    I'd only really look at a shaman, as healer if you otherwise lack shammies on the team.
    Bloodlust/Heroism and Totems are huge, and without these in the DPS, Resto is probably top choice for heals.
    For a melee composition, Resto Druid and Resto Shaman are very attractive, for the ranged AoE heal.
    A Paladin (and shammy) lack mobility while healing, and the Pally lacks AoE heals too.

    In a 3x/4x Druid/Priest/Shaman team, you can choose for your DPS toons to cover both DPS and Heals.
    For example 1x Tank + 4x Shaman, do not need a dedicated healer, as the shammies can cover both roles.

    I'd get a bunch of things to 60th, during RAF.
    And then worry about 60-80 afterwards.
    Boosting will be the fastest leveling.
    01 to 10 - Group all five and quest; destroy stuff with the booster.
    11 to 20 - (Horde) Shadow Fang Keep or Wailing Caverns.
    11 to 16 - (Alliance) Deadmines.
    16 to 20 - (Alliance) Stockades.
    20 to 45 - Scarlet Monastery
    45 to 55 - Stratholme (the door you need a key to open).
    55 to 60 - Hellfire Ramparts.
    60 to 65 - Underbog.
    65 to 68 - Auchendoun instance of choice or CoT Old Hillsbrad.

    68+ Northrend.
    Do both: Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.
    Then do both of: Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight.

    You can mix instances as a team (Tank, Heals, DPS) to supplement leveling.
    And queue for AV too.
    EverQuest I: Bard / Enchanter / Druid / Wizard / 2x Magician.
    Diablo III: 4x Crusader & 4x Wizard.

    My Guide to IS Boxer (somewhat dated).
    Streaming in 1080p HD:
    Twitter: @Ualaa

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    Thank you very much for your very detailed reply!
    Though it has really given me alot to think about, whether I should take advantage of the 60 days RaF or just have fun with my team. Whether to boost the my team all way to 70 or just level, and so fourth. But with your information, I can atleast build the dicision on some facts/info.

    Again, thanks and thanks for your ISBoxer guide, it has really helped me understand the basics of ISBoxer!


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    lol please read the forum rules before you start about selling toons
    Everything that is fun in life is either bad for your health, immoral or illegal!

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