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    you pretty much need a dedicated healer for this fight. And if you do that move your healer to a different location than your DPS.
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    Ok so I downed this guy using my Prot pally team, 3 ele shammies and a moonkin. I did not have a dedicated healer, nor did I spread the team out.

    What I did do is put them in the Frost Resist gear I used for Garfrost. Now I don't know if that was the winning factor, or if I was lucky, but I did manage to down him.

    I would keyboard turn them as needed to dps the boss as I kited him over ice.

    I'll see how repeatable this is in that config this week, I am just throwing out what I did in case it helps others.

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    How much frost res do you have including your gear+aura if I may ask and how much spell power you're losing on your dps for that?

    I am not to keen crafting a frost set for all my toons but I am not too keen on further wipes either

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    I move my guys to just in front of the cave and have killed this guy both times without fail. Seems I found a spot that ice doesnt fall on or Im really really lucky.

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    With all 3 pieces on and aura I have 413 Frost Resistance.

    Now I did this guy again today without the frost gear, and got him first try, so I don't think the gear makes a difference now.

    Basically I clumped my guys together, and would have them follow me if they were about to be dumped on.

    All told though a pretty hectic fight.

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    I run

    Prot pally
    resto druid
    2 X arcane mage
    Ele shammy

    I put all my guys in a box formation in the exit cave. I put my paladin with his back to the corner, so the knockback doesn't do anything. I DO NOT MOVE AT ALL ON ANY TOONS. I wear my frost resist gear, and simply smash my big button. I basically main play my healer, and heal people through targeting, frosts, etc. I stop healing when my healer gets the brand. If someone else gets the brand, I simply turn them around so they can't cast. It can be some crazy healing, but this seems to work best for me, and I only wiped the very first day when I was figuring out the fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zal View Post
    you pretty much need a dedicated healer for this fight. And if you do that move your healer to a different location than your DPS.
    To echo what was said above, you really don't. I've run this every day since 3.3 launched and have never used my shaman resto. I just use a frost resist totem and use the nuke/heal/nuke/chain heal group strategy and it's working for me. I'll strafe the group of of patches is the damage gets severe but I don't worry about Overlord's Brand or stopping dps/healing.
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    With all 3 pieces on and aura I have 413 Frost Resistance.
    do you mind linking those pieces? didn't see them on your armory -thx
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    Just got this guy down, fuck hes hard lol.

    Put my guys @ the door in the middle just past the threshold. They took less icepatches then normal, not sure if it was RNG but it was in my favor. Straight focused dps and heals through the most part, running like a bitch during the whole fight kiting to minimize my heals.

    Use taunt and boost the threat and keep kiting him to do less healing to your tank, seemed good lol. I wore frost resist gear,and it helped.

    Bad parts, wearing frost resist some of my crappy shaman got even crappier, with mostly 232 ect gear this guy should be no problem. My geared shaman was raping.
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