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    So i've been running this dungeon lately(well tryin) and one thing that seems to always wipe me is the frost trap the fucking hunter drops will kill my framerates. Anyone else have this issue? I think it's the combination of all slaves standing on top of each other and two different ground textures being processed for each screen. I run them all on one very fast computer which has no problems with Dalaran, but these two effects (frost trap and Mage fire aoe) cripple my framerate. Basically my healer dies because I can't react fast enough due to slow frames.
    Glad I'm not the only one! I get the framerate drop around any fire/frost animations... Walking into the forge room in Utgarde Keep there's like a 20 frame drop as soon as I walk in that room. Anytime I start getting laggy or a stutter I look around for a fire animation and usually find one.

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    I've started working on this instance yesterday as there are still gear upgrades for me in heroic mode.

    I read through this thread to get tips on what to do and it did help quite a bit.

    My team is
    Pali tank (40k hp)
    Disc priest
    2x elemental shaman.

    Wiped about 7 times working on the waves before the first named. My gear probably averages 232 by now, some higher but still have some 200 lvl gear as well. Probably shouldn't have had as much trouble as I did.

    Main issue I had was my tank going down. Took me a while to figure out what was going on. It seemed that perhaps one of the mobs was keeping my healer from casting heals. Always hard to tell in the thick of battle as all I see is little red text I can't read. It seemed this was more likely on waves with the thief type npc, but still not 100% sure. But reading through the combat log I saw lots of dmg but no heals...

    1st named went down pretty easily.

    Then 4 more wipes till I got to second named , he went down first time, but did lose a person right at the end. At that point I was out of time so didn't get to try the final rush/run. From what I read I wasn't clear if it was easier or harder than the first set of waves.

    All in all it was a good learning experience as it force me to set up my hotkeys for all the tanks emergency skills.

    Hopefully with some more practice I can eliminate the wipe fest and make it to the end.

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    With enough corner camping, 1st two bosses should be downable. Problem comes at the last part, the dps move race is not that easy. and Now you don't have disease/poison cleansing totem anymore. I say need about 5k dps minimum on all slaves to make it out of the last part of HOR.

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    Hmm, I'm not there then, my mage can approach 5k, but my shaman are still around 3.5k. My gear is decent so I think I will need to have to spend some time going over my macros and such.

    Something to shoot for be fore cataclysm hehe.

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