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    Default PvE Forum Rules / Guidelines Please read before posting a new thread.

    Trying to use this forum is a pretty daunting task, so we should limit the number of threads per instance. In the event that something warrants a new thread, or some encounter warrants a new thread, so be it. Until then, any NEW thread on an instance that already has an active thread will be locked / or merged with the current thread so we can have all this information in an easier to find / read format.

    Also I'm going to request you use the following Thread title format so we can easily find threads. I'm going to go back through threads and use this new format so don't panic if your thread gets renamed.

    Please limit any new threads to per Boss discussion. IE:

    For Pit of Saron:
    Wotlk - ICC - Pit of Saron (PoS) - Forgemaster Garfrost
    Wotlk - ICC - Pit of Saron (PoS) - Krick and Ick
    Wotlk - ICC - Pit of Saron (PoS) - Scourgelord Tyrannus

    For older / smaller instances, 1 thread per instance is fine as well:

    For Hellfire Ramparts: BC - HFC - Ramparts (Ramps)
    For Scholomance: Classic - Scholomance (Scholo)

    Feel free to post any questions / comments
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    Current content should be 1 boss encounter per thread, BC content and older should be 1 instance per thread.

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    Before posting in this section, please ensure that your post is meeting the defined rules of this subsection.

    The dungeons forum is only for discussion of how to manage the encounters. Too many posts are coming up that offer no information on what to expect or do in a dungeon. If you want to brag or gripe, there are plenty of other places to do so, such as WoW General, The Blogs, the Screenshots Forum or the Movies Forums. Consider this section a Dungeon Wiki.

    If you are posting in this forum, follow the format rules.

    • 1 Topic per Instance. I don't think there's enough need for individual threads per boss and it saves people having to look up 6 different threads per instance.

    • Thread title should include instance name and little else. Please be sure it's spelled correctly, and spelled out totally. Ditto with bosses. The site search has never responded well to short terms and the point of this section is to make it easy for people to find the dungeon tips they are looking for.

    • Screenshots and movies are ok in this section IF they are inline with the section rules {IE - being used to show someone how to progress}.

    • Heroics and Non-heroics should be in the same thread UNLESS it is an instance that "revists" as heroic, such as Shadowfang Keep {normal ~ level 20, heroic = level 85}. In this case, because mechanics can be very different between the level 20 version and the level 85 version, it's appropriate to have separate threads.

    A thread doesn't need to be a complete how-to guide from the start - most good ones start simply looking for help, like this one. This section has one purpose - multiboxers assisting other multiboxers with PVE dungeon mechanics. If the thread you're about to start does not ask for or offer help or tips on a PvE instance, it probably is more suited for another section of the forums.
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