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    Default gona start boxing aion

    Im going to do 2 characters so what would be the best too and is it easy to set macros up like on wow and what are the macros i need as i havent see any posts

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    I didn't box much and can only offer experience up to about L20. I tried templar and chanter, as well as sorcerer and cleric. Templar and chanter was easier for me. I don't think the combo matters much, it all depends on your preference. Tank and healer are probably easiest (but possibly slower), but you could just as easily run two DPS as long as you play them properly.

    Macros kinda suck to do (maybe because it was a new system for me). The examples provided have errors in them and there isn't much information available on the web. The macro's themselves can basically do everything, they are almost botlike since there is a time delay command available. So you can target a mob, attack it, kill it and loot it all with a single macro.

    Moorea had a page with some macros on it. Don't have the link handy though.

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    my aion macros are on
    as is my hotkeynet script
    5,8,10 boxing wow with Wow Open Box and MAMA, give them a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet and ISBoxer)
    Join many boxers playing Classic on US PvP Alliance: <Epic>@Blaumeux
    Was streaming on

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