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    I'm a filmmaker visiting LA Dec 17-Dec 22, 2009. I recently finished a film called Gamers on what it's like to play MMORPG games. Check it out at: Everything is professionally shot and edited.

    I'm starting a new web series tentatively titled Extreme Gamer. The premise is 5 minute shows about interesting personalities in the gaming world. Not just MMO. I'll be the first to admit I know very little about dual-boxing but I find it fascinating!

    I'm looking for a gamer that would be interested in participating. Explain what dual boxing is, how to get in it, the advantages. Obviously the more extreme systems the better. Shoot me an email at gamersfilm [at] with a few lines about yourself.

    Thanks. Ben.

    p.s.- forward this to friends, I'm interested in any and all stories about and by Extreme Gamers.

    dude you from rochester...???

    if so your so close to me lol

    few things:

    1. i multiboxi like fizzle said, play when i want to casually and i dont have to wait on others.

    2. nice films, very well made you will definately be getting a good job soon! (dont take it wrong way your talented.

    3. whos that hot girl ?????? rather fit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otlecs View Post
    I nominate Sam Deathwalker to represent the average multiboxer in this series.
    My vote goes to Sam

    The only part that interests me...

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