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    Default Druid / Warlock (Spec / Setup) Questions

    Like most people, I used the RAF program to two box a Druid and a Warlock to 60.. Now the real work begins and therefor I have some questions for all you experts.

    [Current Setup]

    • 2 Computers Using Warlock as the leader and the Druid as the secondary

    • Warlock is Speced affliction and uses a VoidWalker to Tank.
    • Druid is a mix between Balance (Dots) and Resto
    • General idea is send in the pet use both characters dots and lifetap + HoT to keep mana full

    [Thoughts / Questions]

    • I have been debating with a number of changes to my setup not only specs, but also who is the driver
    • Do you think it would be better to go with a Destro spec and make the druid a boomkin (crit and haste bonus)
    • I have also considered making a cat druid the driver for the mele dps and putting the lock on follow and just dot / tap.

    All in all it has been going pretty smoothly so far, but I just wanted to get your opinion on which spec / driver / setup would be best. If anyone has any additional questions I will be more than happy to answer them.


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    I would stay affliction speced with a boomkin that way yeh can dot and run.

    At the moment I run with 3 locks affliction spec all I do is send pet in, drop corruption/coa X3 (which is overkill) find next target non stop you can do the same with boomkin/affliction lock.

    Another way would be to make druid more of a tank, hot'em up then round a bunch of critters up then have yer lock drop an aoe on em.

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    Both a balance druid and an affliction warlock are very easy to macro, with a click castsequence.
    The only trick would be Eclipse procs for the druid, which is fairly easy anyway.

    The warlock can push very strong dps in any spec.
    With a caster partner, the druid will contribute the most as a moonkin.

    With two casters the driver won't make much difference.
    But because of the Eclipse thing I'd drive with the druid.
    That also makes heals a bit easier.

    I really like the Dreamstate build for a druid.
    The major weakness is the lack of Wild Growth as a group heal.
    However, as far as single target heals go, its quite strong and has decent DPS.
    Basically Balance down to Moonkin and Resto down to Swiftmend.
    With a few points left over, probably into improved Moonkin.

    The druid will want three spells in their click castsequence.
    Insect Swarm, Moonfire and either Wrath or Starfire, depending on which one last proc'd Eclipse.

    Assuming you put IS, MF and Wrath on the bottom right bar (buttons 9, 10 and 11), the big macro for the druid will be:

    #show Wrath
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /Click MultiBarBottomRightButton9
    /Click MultiBarBottomRightButton10
    /Click MultiBarBottomRightButton11

    On button 9, put your Insect Swarm Macro.
    On button 10, put your Moonfire Macro.
    On button 11, put Wrath (straight out of the spell book).

    The Starfire macro will be similar to the above.

    #show Starfire
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /Click MultiBarBottomRightButton9
    /Click MultiBarBottomRightButton10
    /Click MultiBarBottomRightButton12

    Place Starfire on button 12, right out of the spell book.

    Put the Wrath macro (above) on key 1.
    Put the Starfire macro (above) on key 2.

    Now you need to know your spam speed.
    You'll be pressing either 1 or 2, for your DPS spam.
    I personally spam at 2 presses per second.
    Assuming you do the same...

    Insect Swarm lasts 12 seconds.
    At 2 clicks per second, we want (12 x 2 = 24 -1 = 23 comma's).

    #show Insect Swarm
    /castsequence [reset=combat] Insect Swarm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Moonfire lasts 12 seconds base, but 15 seconds with a points in Nature's Splendor.
    At 2 clicks per second, we want (15 x 2 = 30 - 1 = 29 comma's)

    #show Moonfire
    /castsequence [reset=combat] Moonfire,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Drag the Insect Swarm macro to the bottom right bar, 9th button.
    Drag the Moonfire macro to the bottom right bar, 10th button.
    We already have Wrath on the 11th button and Starfire on the 12th.

    As far as the Druid DPS goes, you can spam 1 until you get an Eclipse Proc.
    At which point you spam 2, until you get an Eclipse Proc.
    Whichever you want to start with is fine, but Starfire is a more powerful spell, so Wrath first gets the Eclipse bonus with Starfire casts.

    The Warlock will have a single click castsequence.

    However, we'll put it on both buttons 1 and 2, so no matter which of the druids sequences we're spamming, the warlock will also be spamming their sequence.

    For Affliction, we generally want Haunt, Agony, Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Shadow Bolts as the fall through. If you prefer Curse of the Elements in the place of Agony, put this macro as the first spell in the sequence, changing the order to Elements, Haunt, Corruption, UA and S.Bolts.

    The optional Elements Macro is here:
    #show Curse of the Elements
    /castsequence reset=target Curse of the Elements,Null

    The Warlock has 5 spells, so their click castsequence will use 12, 11, 10, 9, and 8.

    #show Shadow Bolt
    /Click MultiBarRightButton8
    /Click MultiBarRightButton9
    /Click MultiBarRightButton10
    /Click MultiBarRightButton11
    /Click MultiBarRight Button12

    Put S.Bolt out of the spell book onto button 12.
    We'll have macro's for Haunt (8), Agony (9), Corruption (10) and Unstable Affliction on (11).

    Haunt ticks for 12 seconds, Agony ticks for 24 seconds, Corruption ticks for 12-18 seconds depending on the spell rank, and Unstable Affliction ticks for 18 seconds. Once we have Everlasting Affliction, Haunt will refresh Corruption so we will change it to include a Null as per Curse of the Elements above.

    #show Haunt
    /castsequence reset=target Haunt,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    #show Curse of Agony
    /castsequence reset=target Curse of Agony,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,

    #show Corruption
    /castsequence reset=target Corruption,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    #show Unstable Affliction
    /castsequence reset=target Unstable Affliction,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Forgot to add, if you're not using an FTL system, you'll want the warlock to assist the druid, probably in the big button which calls the other macro's.
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    Wow, I am a bit overwhelmed by the time and effort you put in to your response. I really do appreciate it Ualaa! I am going to take your advice and respec a bit and drive the druid. I do have a few follow up questions to clear things up a bit.

    1. I don't currently use any sort of software to coordinate key strokes across my two machines. I have a n52 (10 key pad) from computer next to my keyboard for computer 1 and use it to cast spells and fire macros from the second computer. Do you recommend I get a program to mirror the keys and if so which do you recommend?
    2. At the end of your post you mentioned a FTL program, are you refering to an addon like Jamba?
    3. I understand the commas used to time the /click macros. So is everyone just spamming these buttons, or using software or hardware to spam these buttons?

    Thanks again for all your help. I will update this thread with my progress to help futures users.
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    I'm not sure if you can set up FTL across multiple machines.
    The F stands for Focus.
    The T stands for Target.
    And the L stands for Leader.

    You can use any of these for your assist method quite easily.
    However the Leader is no longer that great in pvp, since you cannot rearrange groups.

    Target and Focus work just fine.

    I'd lean towards Target, because Focus is useful for spell targeting, especially in pvp.

    Have the slave/alt target the master/main.
    And they can have their spells or castsequences like this:
    /cast [target=targettarget] Spell.
    So they always target the main, and cast at the target of their target (main's target).

    FTL basically means you can switch to any toon, and lead from there.
    And the others auto assist for the same target.

    With a click castsequence, you'd just spam the buttons.
    It's a lot easier with hardware or software broadcasting, so you're only mashing one key on one keyboard.

    I'd really look at a software option.
    Something that supports more then one PC.
    Inner Space is my recommendation, I've been blown away by what it can do.
    A year subscription is $36, and that allows up to 5 computers at once.
    It has an automatic FTL set up, via its wizard.

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