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    Hate this encounter, yet to beat it like you . I have a pally tank instead of a warrior, my priest and 3 shaman. I will eventually do it but so far no dice .
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    i found hos to begin with a pain in the buttocks as gump would say but ive cracked it, first boss giant guy spread the dps/healers a good 20 yards apart and when he does his ability that procs damage when your closer hit flash/lessers and continue dps, you should suffer a petty 10% damage in comparision to 30k if next to each other before i was using the alcove but found i was too close and end up killed off too fast.

    second boss well she's too easy camp in the corner and nuke her down and chain when needed.

    third, brann's quest, the toughest of all but simply, avoid the purple spheres(black mata? and run around the room when it appears and you will avoid 100% additional damage and the santiser. lots of movement and looking around but you can do it easily.

    last boss pop cd's and he's flat on his face in 40 seconds.
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    I know im a bit behind speed on this but I thought Id tell you what I did for tribunal whilst waiting for my heroism to come off cooldown for final boss.

    I put all my guys on top of eachother with their backs to the circle outside the room. They all dropped healing stream totems. My pala gathered up all the mobs and my guys nuked them 1 by 1. When things started getting out of hand I dropped my fire elementals. They wiped the floor with the rest of the event and it was a breeze. My healer had to use chain heal about twice to top people off after the shadow orbs. Got the Brann spanking new achievement and although It is one of the harder heroic events to handle it is pretty easy when you use fire elementals

    As a side note my guys are pretty overgeared for heroics now.

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    I also got this down now in my first try since I last posted. The difference for my mixed team was smart use of the treants and starfall on my druid to grab mobs, because I was standing up on the circle to avoid the red beam. Once some mobs did get past, I just kamikazed in and let myself basically die to buy Brann about 20 more seconds. It worked, and I had my tank still standing. There's no reason I had to let anyone past, but it was my first successful attempt and it's a new strategy.

    EDIT: I just did it again with my second team and got through it without any problems or deaths. I didn't even think Brann got hit, but apparently he did even though nothing got past me. Hm. Anyway, if you time out your treants and starfall for when the red beam comes out, you don't even need to ever use a grounding totem. All balance druid players keep this in mind, and good luck.

    EDIT2: Using the fire elemental I got the Brann Spankin' new achievement. Even just one elemental makes a big impact.
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    So Tribunal of Ages is still kicking my ass. I have tried both putting my toons outside the door and also putting them back beside Brann.
    I am really at a loss here, this and the Old Kingdom are the only two dungeons which cause me any issue.
    When my pally stands at the doorway to catch mobs it seems like his avengers shield or consecration are not enough to get all the mobs, often they are on cool down when the next mob arrives? Are the mobs related to each other time wise? i.e. the speed of killing each mob, will it affect the next mob spawn?
    I would think if I can easily run CoS then this should be simple but so far either Brann dies or I wipe

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    So, your group is :

    Pala, Druid, Hunter + 2 locks.

    you have an assload of pets, make use of them. Turn your pets on aggressive with taunts OFF {use Blueberry or BDSM Dude instead of Imp}. Keep a frost trap down and set up a Misdirect button or add it to your click. Seriously, aggressive pets make this so much easier. This event was a disaster every time I tried it until I got my single hunter in and put her pet on aggressive to pick up adds.

    Set up outside, slaves backed to the little circular wall in the middle, hunter in the middle of the pack, close enough that your trap will overlap a bit with consecrate, giving your pally's consecrate a bit more time to tick for agro. Put your tank up on the steps, facing your slaves The mobs will come from the area next to your slaves on either side. Your pets will go after the mobs as soon as they pop, usually changing direction and hitting your trap, Judge or HoR from the tank to aggro {try to save Avenger's for the casters so the silence forces them to come to center}, and move the tank slightly to the other side, because the waves alternate sides. DPS as normal, keeping traps down and swapping sides after your tank gets aggro from each wave spawn.

    If something manages to get by your tank, send the pets after it and let them bring it back {just a few hits from the pets on the stray and then bring them back into the main mass}. But you have so many pets that they should manage to hit everything, especially if you do it with a Demonology 'lock and use Cleave on the Felguard.

    Try making liberal use of AOE whenever you feel certain your tank has solid aggro once the adds start to pile up. Seed, Rain of Fire, Volley, Hurricane if you aren't overwhelmed with healing.

    Remember, you don't need to kill everything, you just need to stay alive and keep it off Brann until the timer runs out.

    Keep the Dark Matter Debuff cleared and watch the beams, and don't go overboard on healing at the onset so you have enough mana for the later part of the fight when adds start to pile up.

    I would remove Arcane Shot from your hunter's rotation {if you use it} since he will need mana for traps, put him in Viper for a few seconds whenever you can, and you may find Blessing of Wisdom does more for your hunter on this fight than Might or Kings. After the 3 minute mark, you shouldn't worry too much about traps, there'll be too much else going on, and Volley would do more to help.

    Your paladin will probably become mana starved rather quickly since there's not many adds at the start, have a mana potion ready and you may even want to use Innervate on the tank towards the end.

    Hold your cooldowns until after the 3 minute mark {watch for the golems} when things get really hectic. Keep Hand of Reckoning and any charges your pets have ready for anything that refuses to come play in the consecrate. It's still an asspain of an event, but these are the kinds of things that at least made it possible for me.
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    Use seal of wisdom and Divine Plea if you have mana problem. Divine Plea at the 2:30 mark or so when it all goes to shit you should never run out of mobs to hit.

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    Great advice, I have been thinking about duel speccing my locks for some of these fights, but I definitely will try the above tactics. I have often thought of using my voidwalker on some fights but wondered how effective he would be if my locks are not demonlogy.
    My druid usually has no mana issues so healing should be fine. just have to watch for my pally to keep on all the mobs that the pets might miss
    Wish me luck

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    You have to put consecrate down before they get to you because they stun you. SO as soon as you see left side guys spawn, put down consecrate. Only use avengers shield on the right side spawns, the casters. Consecrate (if down correctly before they get to you) is plenty to get aggro, and the right side spawns are infrequent enough (every other wave) that avenger's shield should always be up for them. If you have a paladin tank, I find this encounter to be relatively painless if you put your guys in the hallway, and thus don't even have to worry about the lazer really in the third phase.

    Also someone above said that nothing got through and yet still they didn't get brann spankin new:

    Did a caster get a random shot at him somehow? Also he can be hurt by the beam in the third phase, and I have been told that if you get him beamed, it counts against you.

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    Tried the above strategy with the pets and got closer but some guys got past me and this was enough to cause a wipe. I really do not know how the guys got by with consectration down the whole fighyt and pets were on aggessive outside of the room
    Oh well, I really just need this for the achievement on some of the team, so no big sweat, maybe I will revisit when I get my 3 shamans leveled

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