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    Lightbulb ConCriticism - 7 Boxing

    I'm starting to get a little burnt out as things have really slowed down and was hoping I could get some constructive criticism on my crew and some ideas of what to do next (some easy 10 mans?)

    My Crew:

    Onthrox (80 Prot Paladin) :
    Applez (80 Holy Priest) :
    Anthrox (80 MM Hunter) :
    Cakez (80 SV Hunter) :
    Enthrox (80 BM Hunter) :
    DPB (80 BM Hunter) :
    RMB (80 SV Hunter) :

    My Guild:
    The Notorious Elves :

    Current Goals:
    1. Triumph Emblems (So Slow!)
    2. Gearing up my 2 non-main Hunters
    3. Inscription Profession on non-main Hunter
    4. Continue to learn gem recipies (Also slow)

    My WoW History:

    2005 - Started playing upon release, spent my time between EQ, EQ2, and WoW
    2008 - WoTK came out, bought 7 accounts, used RAF, hit 80, got bored
    2009 - September, got bored, scroll of resurrectioned my accounts, boxed instances for the first time
    2009 - October, all Heroics but Occ down, not much left to farm

    Why Hunters:
    1. I've always liked pet classes when boxing because if a character gets left behind for some reason, the pet will at least defend him until I realize he's not with the group.
    2. Great DPS, no downtime (viper between pulls)
    3. Fun factor - I just enjoy playing them

    Why 7 Boxing:

    Mainly for boosting. My original goal was to level a bunch of 5 boxes (hunters, shamans, warlocks, mages, etc.)
    My girlfriend likes to play sometimes; she gets the priest when she does

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    You can run dailies for extra gold.

    You can farm battlegrounds for honor or pvp gear.
    Or even try your hand at arena.

    If you're attempting 10-man encounters, you have two general choices.
    Either get 3 more accounts and play everyone, or go with friends playing the last 3 toons.
    Friends will get you 4 people at once, to do specific encounter tasks, which makes it a lot easier.
    10-man yourself lets you go at your pace and have gear distributed entirely as you see fit.

    If you do decide on going 10 accounts, then you can run two teams for dailies.
    Not sure if you need the gold or not.
    Dailies are pretty boring, but they're a very good source of gold too.

    The best source of Triumph badges seems to be raids.
    If you can run your team somewhere, even if only one is allowed to loot, they'll each be getting badges.
    Alternatively, pick a guild which raids 1-2 days a week.
    Even if progression is not that far, you can have three toons in similar guilds and end up raiding 3 toons total on 5 or 6 days of the week.
    It's an option for Triumph badges.

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    In the beginning Dailies were all that I was doing. I hesitated to start down the "gear path" as the best gear becomes nearly useless upon every expansion.

    I already have to do 2 groups which is why I was considering getting another 3 accounts, however I already have like 50k gold in the bank so really don't need more gold per say.

    The only dailies I've been doing lately are:
    - Tournament Dailies
    - Icecrown Dailies that compliment the above and/or are close and fast enough to do
    - Triumph Daily

    PvP / arena / bg is an interesting idea. In the past I've avoided pvp (hence the non-pvp server), but at this point trying something different wouldn't hurt.

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    My best advice (not really a criticism) is to take a break. It becomes a grind some times, and when it does, just let it rest. Go play some xbox/ps3 games, or I hear Aion's not too bad, or ... whatever else you like.
    No matter where you go, there you are.

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    This is a little off topic, but are there any good Priest / Hunter Gear Links?

    This is my Protection Paladin "Bible":

    I found it very useful in the beginning and it's still a great reference. I just wish I could find something like it for other classes -- the ones I've found just aren't that useful...

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    Default has extensive gear lists for all classes.

    Also, has a search feature you can filter for lvl 80 epic gear, with whatever stats you want, like AP, AGI, etc.

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    My main info links are:

    Armory Search (I like source searching options):

    WoW Loot (Not that useful anymore, but was in the beginning):

    Raids and Dungeons List (also useful in the beginning):

    Enchantments by Slot List

    Gems by Color List

    But I just love the maintankadin gear list -- wish there was a list like this one for every class...

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