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    Default Mechanar question - 5 pallies

    My paladins are 69 and close to 70. Taking a break from av/questing. I randomly picked an instance in Netherstorm and wandered into mechanar. I guess since I'm in mostly northrend greens this instance was a lot easier than I expected.

    Except that second boss. I read all the thottbot info on the bosses, and had no idea what to do for her since all the tactics applied to mixed groups (not all melee), so I tried to wing it. She's cloth and doesn't have much health so I figured I could burn her down pretty fast. Nope, she got to about 45% then we finally died.

    Just wondering what some of you would do? I'm not terribly vexed by it, just curious. I like to fraps instances so when I go back again soon I would like to fraps all 3 bosses dying. The first and 3rd were surprisingly easy.

    Not sure what tactic to use with 5 melee. I only tried her once, I suppose I could blow divine shield when she get's to 50% and heal up. Maybe I was standing in fire? I had them all bunched up because it's the way I'm used to fighting mobs and whatnot.

    Anyways, just bored at work and thinking.
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    Make sure your tank has a minor run speed increase enchant on his boots. rest of your paladins should have 2 pts in pursuit of justice. aggro with your tank and strafe backwards with her in tow and the rest of your pallies. Make sure you spam follow on your toons as melee will break follow.

    The fire elementals aren't all that fast and they tend to stop and hellfire often. So occasionally they will reach your team but then stop when they hellfire so it gives your team time to move away while dps'ing the boss.
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    Good idea, I can actually practice that on the gatekeepers and mechano boss.
    The poetry that comes from the squaring off between,
    And the circling is worth it,
    Finding beauty in the

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    Try to use her entire level as a kind of track field.. and move the fire elementals that way. Just make sure she doesn't touch the glass floor leading to the pathaleon or whatever his name is or she will reset.

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    Back at 70th, we could trivialize this heroic boss by having everyone move as a group.

    The elementals randomly pick a person and follow them for a time. If everyone is all over the place, then a straight line to any given character creates a fire trail which then sucks to avoid.

    Our solution was to bunch up. We used a raid icon so everyone knew who to follow. You'll probably not need that, since you're playing everyone.

    We made really huge clockwise circles around the room. The direction doesn't matter as long as everyone is going the same way.

    No matter which toon a given elemental is following, they're all basically in the same place and moving the same way. That makes it trivial to follow them. The boss moves at the groups speed, while the elementals move much slower.

    Prior to finding this, just about every group I had run with in Heroic Mech just skipped the fire lady boss and did Parthenon. Aside from the badge, she doesn't drop anything extra on heroic which you cannot also get on normal. You don't even have to pull her on normal or heroic.

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