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    Default Software Keyboard Mouse Sharing Solution

    A software KM is a program that allows you to move your keyboard & mouse from one PC to another to control them. This is a software based solution to resolve many issues normally handled by a hardware KM.

    Input Director - FREE software 'KVM' / Synergy alternative
    Kavoom - Software "KVM" / Synergy Alternative
    HotKeyNet2 KM Guide

    Guides Needed:
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    I would throw HKN2 in the ring (although its in an early stadium, the KM features are working quite good)
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    Quote Originally Posted by zanthor View Post
    Guides Needed:
    Thanks for including HotkeyNet 2 on the list.

    However its KM feature doesn't need much of a guide, if any. It's pretty much self-installing and self-configuring. Here are the complete instructions from HotkeyNet's website:

    Go to Settings on the main menu. Then click Mouseover Settings. You'll see pictures of your monitors. Drag them so they touch each other. You can arrange them however you like. When you're finished, click OK.
    If somebody could just include those sentences, I think that would be enough of a guide. Maybe the illustration from the following page could also be included:
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    <------ cornfuzed what is the difference of KM and other software like Keyclone and IS?
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    The software listed here is for sharing your keyboard, mouse, and typically clipboard between PCs. You typically would move your mouse to the left or right of your monitor to access a different monitor controlled by a different PC, just as if it were part of the PC you are actually using.

    This is in contrast to software like Keyclone, IS, etc which provide interaction with specific windows based on your handling of the keyboard and mouse. The software listed here can generally be used in conjunction with other multiboxing software. So, for example, I know several people who use multiple PCs and use Input Director to be able to mouse between them, and then they use ISBoxer to provide all the multiboxing goodies like broadcasting and window layouts, etc.
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    Mojo does KM very nicely (not surprisingly as it's coming from HKN2)
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    Installed this lastnight, works ok but in game mouse look seem to be a litte off.

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