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Thread: Aion Resources?

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    Default Aion Resources?

    So this isn't a boxing question persay, more of the game in general.

    I got a copy of Aion dirt cheap at work and loaded it up to see if I'd enjoy it (before considering boxing, ect). Frankly it's grindy and complex. It took me forever to work out the "tank" class...and god only knows how you gear one -_-! Anyone in our community able to provide insight into the games mechanics or any resources that do so. Honestly I'm thinking I'll ignore the game once the included time runs out, LOL.
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    The sexiest resource for the game is probably Aion Source:

    Armory/Wowhead-like quest locations and stuff build into one site [can also be reached from the "Database" button on Aion Source's homepage]:

    Aion Wiki:

    And of course the regular everyday forums of the game:

    I don't play this game anymore and I doubt I'll ever come back to it unless they allowed us to bot to max level, which obviously isn't going to happen.

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    I hear lvl 40 twinks are a lot better/more fun than lvl 50's in Aion. So that's some time saved leveling right there.
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