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  • Me owning stuff in arenas!

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  • A breakdown of each arena, showing why i chose spells, ie zoom to show hex's

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  • a mix of owning+showing why

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Thread: Arena video!!

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    Like the other guy said i would just chop it down into 10 minute segments and put the links to the follow ups in the "info" box. Probably the easiest way of doing it. Can't wait to see! I do know Ogloo hit 1800 and got weaps, I've talked to his 5's healer. I haven't seen him on since! I do suppose everyone would like a break after that grind though

    Again I can't wait to see the video! My little team got up to 1350 w/ a very friendly priest I met. We hope to make a run for weapons next season!
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    Geif arena video
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    Yeah I need to do that when I get time. It's 13 minutes, but could have been about 25 but I cut out a lot of games. If I'm gonna split it up I might as well put them all in and do a 3 part video. I have several losses against 2200-2400 teams recorded, I wanna put those in so you guys can see what it's like to play them. My original video also cut out anything under like 1900 rating (well except a 1750 4 dps wiz cleave that gibbed my priest and we made this amazing comeback), but I have a few really good ones against some low rated teams, just fun to watch even though they didn't really have a chance

    ooh I just found the one of us getting annihilated in under 40 seconds... love that one
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    Looking forward to this.

    If you break them up, I'm sure some would love to download them, particularly if they're higher quality.
    And some would prefer to watch on youtube or whatever, without needing to download.

    Both options would rock.

    Thanks for your effort and time.
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    lawl i havnt been able to touch my computer in a month ;/ school+ trip with familia...
    Once i find my partner again i WILLLLLL make the video. already got the opening scene ;0

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    shameful bump sir
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