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  • Me owning stuff in arenas!

    6 8.70%
  • A breakdown of each arena, showing why i chose spells, ie zoom to show hex's

    20 28.99%
  • a mix of owning+showing why

    43 62.32%
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Thread: Arena video!!

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    haa ;0 when i record some higher rated teams i dont wanna show beating 1600 rated teams, cant play to much do to exams, but yes im putting this off

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    hey guys, want to see some videos? I'll put some up in about 18 months.


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    don't worry, I'm making one. I already have the games frapsed and half of them in sony vegas ready to go. Ranges anywhere from 1800 to 2350 teams. Will have commentary, incuding lost games, why we lost, mistakes we made, why some things works, and some very funny games. It's long enough I may split it into 3 parts. I have about 20 minutes of games already

    Will also give you a nice preview of some of the wacky comps we have been playing - may be a preview of next season. If 4 melee (rogue, ret, warrior, enh shaman) is gonna be the new thing.... well gg. Maybe I can get 1800

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    video is mostly done - games and music are in place, just needs a little editing and some headers and I'll publish it. It's not going on youtube, it's about 15 minutes and it ruins the quality anyway. Anyone have suggestions of where it should be hosted?

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    Filefront for download, would be one option.
    Online for streaming would be nice too.
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    I look forward to watching.
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    ok it's rendering... 3 hours to go lol
    not sure how big its gonna be.. maybe a gig

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    ugh too big for filefront... 600mb max? wtf?

    now what

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    no idea what to do with this thing. it's too big for filefront, too big for vimeo, too long for youtube

    700mb and about 13 min
    any ideas

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    Cut it into 2 pieces

    Problem solved

    Also answer your pm's.
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