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    Default Advice needed on dual-boxing with a Dirge

    Hi guys,

    My main is a dirge and is 73. I would like to dual box the dirge with a solo healer (templar or inq) but I don't know how to proceed.

    What would be the fastest option to get to 80 with the dirge?

    A. Park the lvl 1 toon in the same zone and grouped, so I benefit from the 200%Xp experience and just solo to 80 with the dirge. Then when I hit 80, just PL the second toon to 80 when I'm bored.

    B. Level the solo healer with the help of the dirge and when the healer gets to the same zone as the dirge, level them together so I get heals for my dirge on the way to 80.

    If you have other options, don't hesitate


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    B - always mentor down

    - dirge will be greatly OP for the low level stuff - i.e., will have level 73 spells plus a good handful of AAs which are not available at lower levels
    - dirge level 73 AC and weapons (even the cr@p) will be fable-like vs low level items
    - dirge can do all the quests / disco / names you missed out on the first run through
    - you really only want to do the same quest a bare minimum of times - by this I mean, if you choose plan A, you'd do all of kunark quest series with the dirge, then have to go back and PL the healer, then redo all the kunark quest series for the healer - yet, by going B, you could at least try and avoid a stack of kunark quest duplication and do them both at the same time

    All this combines into meaning that the PL'd char will fly through the levels whilst at the same time the dirge will keep slowly creeping towards your goal of 80 - which may mean you get 2 x level 80s faster than going the plan A route

    Another point - IMHO, I find it very hard to go back and PL a char once I have a shiney new level 80 (i.e., spend time looking for class fables and upgrades, shards, etc) - therefore, I try and delay the final ding and put the effort into mentoring the noobies - it is worth it in the long run

    I have to ask though...dirge + temp or inq? /oh, the pain...dabs at his tears with his mouse tail

    Do a google on flames re the dirge...maybe other healers (!!!!!DEFILER [wards + dps] or FURY [HoT + dps]!!!!!) may be better suited - but as always, do your own research and pick what you want to play and have the most fun with

    Good luck Kebab

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    Thanks but is B still the best option if my objective is not to dual box long term but just to help the dirge get to 80 as fast as possible ?

    And indeed I will think about the class of the second toon. With more DPS I can get mobs to die faster. I first had in mind to do all the kiling with the dirge and just heal with the other toon when needed.

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    If your only objective is to get to 80 - and not dbox lterm - then I'd honestly forget totally about the second account and keep doing the kunark quest series

    - majority of the kunark series are intended to be solo orientated
    - your healer will get a message something along the lines of, 'your level is too low...', i.e., you will need to mentor or it will permanently be a lvl 1 - mentoring will slow the dirges exp
    - the dirge will go faster not having to worry about the healer (i.e., it WILL be perma-dead most of the time as questing involves the passing of many aggro mobs)

    The major difference between kunark and all other expacs is that to level through kunark (i.e., 71-80) you really need to quest - you 'could' grind but it really isn't feasible given the amount of exp you get per mob - it is far faster (and majorly profitable in both coinage and gear) to just do quest lines

    So, again, if your only goal is to reach 80 on the dirge then keep solo questing - forget the healer

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    OK I'll solo with the dirge to 80 and maybe think of dual-boxing later when I want to make an alt.

    And indeed, even if I have 200%XP, it's not worth it really. I intended to let the lvl 1 alt at the in a safe spot, group together and use that bonus XP "helping a friend". But not sure if it works really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kebab View Post
    And indeed, even if I have 200%XP, it's not worth it really. I intended to let the lvl 1 alt at the in a safe spot, group together and use that bonus XP "helping a friend". But not sure if it works really.
    You'll only get the 'helping a friend' bonuses if you are grouped with the lvl 1 toon AND you mentor the high level toon down the lvl 1, then quest and kill together at lvl 1. If you run two toons in a group outside of the lvl range, then neither toon will receive Any XP.

    If you want to powerlevel your high lvl dirge to 80, the best bet is to do what Noxxy said, quest in Kunark. Grinding takes Way Too Long once you hit 70. Quest XP is the way to go. Besides, you won't find better armor than the legendary stuff you can quest for in Fens, Jarsanth & Kunzar (solo).

    However... if you take the time to powerlevel a healer using your dirge (in this case, go with a Warden, Templar or Inquisitor to take advantage of the dirges melee buffs), then in the future, you can use the healer to powerlevel future toons. Generally speaking, if you mentor a level 68 toon with a level 1 character and run them through quests and zones that the lvl 68 toon hasn't already done, by the time the lvl 1 char is lvl 70, the level 68 toon will be lvl 80 (if not higher).


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