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    Super necro post but i just did this dungeon a few times on my recent raf team. Typical dungeon killers, pally priest mage x3. I just face the dragon away from the tram who are parked by the bridge and use my pally to face the dragon away. He takes the fire damage as i heal him through it easy enough, then the little pots of fire on the ground targeted at my group is easily sidestepped and heal any damage taken.

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    So, I learned that you can pull pretty much all of the trash from the instance portal and then AoE spam it all down around the bridge. Good times.
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    Been using that trick for years.

    Just to be clear you need a class with a ground targeting spell. At the portal entrance you cast your spell to the bridge above you which leads to the last boss, this aggros the patrol there who then run all the way back through the instance and aggro everything for you.

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