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    Ok, scratch steamvaults from the list. Getting chain snared (stupid nets) makes it impossible to do good pulls, and then you get chain silenced. It's garbage

    Plus I found that the xp at level 63 was only about 10% more than doing Underbog (63-64 mobs), and the pull is about 10x the size, quick and easy.

    Anxious to see how far underbog can take me, I'm hoping at least 65

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    From 65 on I like Utgarde Keep.
    "My dogs could roll heroics with how a lot of you play."
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    Sethek Halls isn't too bad, you just have to kill the Lost Controlers first. I'd run in with my tank, leaving the group in the previous room and kill the controller in each group before I tagged then next one. In the end was doing Sethek in ~18 minutes.

    Also, Botanica worked well for me. ~20 minutes a run. I mixed up my instances so I could honored with each faction (bar keepers of time).

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    Looks like I was making underbog a lot harder than it needed to be. XP range is several times farther than I thought, guess I'm just used to the short RAF range from SM and Stratholme boosting.

    I'm now pulling the first floor up to the second and killing them on the ledge. It prevents anyone from getting behind me and the toons seem to get full xp from that distance. Then I pull the top floor including the naga, and I made a macro to target and kill the murkblood healers first. With this method I don't have to use any cooldowns at all, just seal of light.

    Probably possible to pull the entire first floor, and second, and pull back to the ledge and kill them all from there. Can use bubbles and maybe lay on hands if necessary.

    Toons around 64-65 at the moment, still getting 450-600xp per kill. They're out of rested xp so it's a little slower than I'd like (maybe 100 minutes per level).... but I feel like that's still faster than trying to level 4 toons by questing/instancing. I was pretty fast with my shaman group, but pretty sure that was still a good 2-3 hours per level, and this is much simpler (although kind of boring).

    On the other hand, I have two toons in the 71-80 AV bracket with the teleport trinket bound to every single key while I boost, so they just teleport home over and over. People report me for being afk but I instantly get ouf of it because I enter combat when the alliance are in the keep. It's cheesy but I don't really care, I've put in my time before.

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    that's pretty lame.

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    People report me for being afk but I instantly get ouf of it because I enter combat when the alliance are in the keep. It's cheesy but I don't really care, I've put in my time before
    so you're the reason i get so much qq ... poor form - don't know how any boxer can condone that ...

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    I AV level with my 80 Pally as a main. When I was using my 71 toons I just felt useless. So my alts follow the pally, and repeatedly die while I guard a tower/GY but then I just rez them. Makes me more useful.

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    Yeah, I agree kinda lame, but it's a pair of 73 casters with no gear (I think my priest has like 3 slots filled), could play my heart out and wouldn't make a difference. However when I do look over at the screen and have a second to spare I run the priest up into drek's room and fear bomb people standing to close. Pulls drek out and he kills 4 or 5 people each time. That's about the most useful I've ever been.

    Most of the time though I run all my lowbies with my 4x shaman team at 80 and although the lowbies are dead weight, I can turn a lot of games just by recapping stuff with the shaman.
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    You could both spec healing and follow the mob around keeping people alive. Healers are never useless.

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