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    Smile resil helps multiboxers!?

    Ok, long story short, in the patch that goes live in about a hour, resilience is going to be even more important, meaning everyone is going to be harder to kill, and the pve set, pvp is going to be a lot less plausible, But what does this mean for us multiboxers?

    Well what ive been thinking is that, the ONLY reason that I ever lose in arena is that i get ganked by like 2 rogues in t8 or something. But i still instant shot 2 dead. With the new resil, our lavaburst x4-5 will still own anyone.. they are gunna die doesnt madder. But with the new resil if warriors try to aoe kill us, or a dps gets on the alts, they are going to be harder to kill!

    I think this will help us out a lot, because we will be harder to kill, and so are they, but our x4 spells will blow through there resil anyways ;0

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    I definitely believe the resil changes help multiboxers. The MB greatest strength is coordination of burst. While resil hurts this, it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as those who are mistimed (solo players). If a well geared 4 or 5 man team can't burst someone down, then nobody has a hope in bursting someone down. Since WoW doesn't want to see that happen, the MB survivability just increased while their targets will die just as easily.
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    thanks you explained my idea perfectly.. was kinda hard to explain

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    It will affect crits less now, which means your burst should hit even harder

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