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    Default GameCommanderPro

    Hey you boxers!

    I'm coming back to Europe after a year in Oz, and planning to give multiboxing a whirl once i arrive in lag-free territory I have been looking around the web and especially this site for a couple days now, trying to choose which program to use. I'll be running 5 accounts on one PC (windows, argh), and i kinda narrowed my options down a bit by now.

    I'm not going with the newest thing (don't dare to name the guy cos i want this thread to be productive), simply because his reputation scares me off a bit.
    That leaves KeyClone and GameCommanderPro as the two that look most user-friendly and easiest to set up.

    The one thing i'm absolutely unable to find out so far is wether any of these has mouse support, fit for AoE on multiple mages (blizzard specifically). Can an AoE spell be launched on (roughly) the same area by all mages? No need to be the exact same location, but an 80ish % overlap is what i'm hoping for.

    I know the GameCommanderPro thing hasnt been around as long as KeyClone, but if anyone has tried either (or even better, both), i would love to be able to compare a bit before i take the plunge. The 10$ difference is not going to be the end of the world, i'll be paying 5 WoW's after all

    In any case, thanks for these forums and all the brain-picking opportunity they already offered me, i've learned loads and i haven't even started yet! You'll be hearing from me!

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    Hi - Keyclone does have mouse replication for each screen, I found it the other day by accident and it works well - each mouse pointer goes to exactly the same spot on each screen so you could easily use blizzard.
    I've never heard of gamecommanderpro so can't comment but have been a long time user of keyclone and can endorse it wholeheartedly - btw I'm in aus and the lag isn't that bad lol I get 250ms.

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    Personally, I've never heard of GameCommanderPro either. It's funny that your first post is asking about a comparison between and fairly famous multiboxing program, and one that's not so much. What about some of the others that are kind of popular? Have you ever thought about considering any of those?

    I use Keyclone and like Simulacra said, you can do AOE with it.
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    thanks for the fast reply )

    as for the lag, mine is so dreadful because im on european servers AND using one of those horrible telstra usb modems at the moment i have been travelling so wired connection was out of the question...which means 700ms on average, with some days at 1500_2000, NOT the circumstances you wish to multibox in i guess

    Thanks again!

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    I've been reading up on the others, but KeyClone seems to come out as the top notch one, according to the comments here, so that would be my running favourite.

    As for GCP, on their site it looks like a neat program with a good interface for creating several castsequence macro's, and several back-up plans for when the *ahem* faecalia hit some ventilators. Seems like it allows you to get a standard rotation going for attacking elites, CC and healing, and fall-back macro's to switch healers. It looks pretty nice with a HUD display that tells you what's going on. It is fairly new however, and their forums only have posts by the author, which makes my spidy-sense tingle a bit tbh. Just hoping to get some feedback from a community that's been into this for a while. And well, Yahoo was around for years when Google suddenly came whooshing down; that didn't exactly make Yahoo bad overnight, Google was just better and easier to use.

    Keep the comments coming tho, I'm pretty happy my mouse-question got answered in just 10 minutes

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    I am still looking at the website. My first impression is this is where ISBoxer is headed very soon. It is the natural progression to pair up an addon to the key multiplexing software to automate your macro writing and keybinds a little bit.

    If this is a serious outfit we should invite them to the DB community. Who knows they may already be here in a non-business form.
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    This has some very interesting options. Too bad they don't offer a free trial. I would have given it a go on my 5-mage team but for now i'll stick to keyclone.

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    This is clearly just advertising a new tool - the website's been up since May, and of the ten Google hits, none of them lend any credibility to the product.

    Not that anyone here objects to new tools of course. I do have vivid memories of the *cough* lukewarm *cough* reaction KC got when he first turned up as well, so it's nothing personal

    If your question is genuine, then stick to Keyclone, at least for now - the other product has been around for all of 4 days so let other people be your guinea pigs! Not to scaremonger, but as is always the case when new closed-source software hits the scene it could be absolutely anything at this point.

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    If you're going to spend 100's of hours multiboxing, then IMO it's worth investing time into HotKeyNet. It's the most powerful multiboxing software due to its flexibility. If you make the initial investment to learn how the program works, then it will pay off in the end (plus, it's free!).
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    Never tested anything else than AHK and keyclone so I would suggest using keyclone, it's pretty much everything I need.

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