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    Default notes on Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep

    Khatovar and I decided to 5+1 a kunark instance yesterday and I chose Charsis: Vault because i know that we will need it for epics and that it was an 80-82 mob level dungeon. figured a good place to start. Here are some notes.

    1. get an updated map for the dungeon. there are several pit traps in the dungeon that are an annoyance at worst. at the bottom of them is a lift to go back up and a ^ ^ ^ spectre mob. these appear to be the only things that respawn in the dungeon. they are easy to avoid if you look at your map.

    2. several groups of three ^ ^ in the dungeon usually near a ^ ^ ^ mob. We had no trouble at all. the mobs did not hit hard and even with 2-3 adds we were never in any danger with our set up. the hardest hitting single trash mobs were the devourers (floating critters with teeth you fought in skyfire (jarsath).

    3. you need to kill the boss mobs sort of in order to unlock the final room. this was not a problem as there is no respawn except in the pits.

    4. Keeper of Dreams. He does a power drain AOE when he is at 66% and 33%. As a Shadowknight Tank I only lost maybe 20-30% mana during these two bursts. If you want to play it safe just have your team back out of the room at these points but it is probably not even necessary. ornate chest upon killing. In the center of his room and dias rises out of the floor which you will need later.

    5. Keeper of Nightmares. another straight foward boss fight if your tank has some form of AOE abilities. this boss will spawn lots of single ^ adds (may not even be one ^). Best bet, tank him in the door way to his room. All the adds need to go through your tank if they want to hit someone else in your team. Nobody took damage from them on our team at all and the fight went like clockwork. The only way i could see this being problematic is if you are very low on DPS. Our team is fairly lite on the DPS and we had no problems. Ornate chest upon killing. A dias rises in his room after you kill him which you will need later.

    6. Guardian of Eternity. This is a ring event sort of . There are 4 golems in the room, each with a different name. there are pedistals around the room with open books on them with each being named similar to a golem. Be warned... entering the room begins the event. You basically fight one golem at a time (they are ^ ^ ^ ) but they were not harder than any previous golems in the dungeon. when the golems get to zero hitpoints you need to read the book that matches the name of the golem you are fighting. this was easy. after reading it the golem falls over and the next one activates. rinse and repeat until you have killed the Guardian (last golem). you do not need to read a book for him. just beat him down. We got a crappy chest for this event. once he dies you will see two large moveable crystals. pick them up and place the purple on on the pedistal of nightmares and the blue on one the pedistal of dreams. woot the door the stress and annoyance is open.

    7. Praetor of the Phylactery is a tough encounter for boxers and its even more tough when it is bugged. Basically you go into a room and there is a platform with stairs leading up to it. the Praetor is there and there is a standing upright sarcophigi to his left and right. When you engage him these will spawn each one a skelly. If the skelly gets to the praetor it will heal him 20% health. there will only ever be two skellys active. You basically need to move him down the steps to the door that you came in to give your team enough time to mez and root the skellys. this is all well and good except for us after the first attept he was bugged. we could not pull him down the steps. he would reach the steps and reset. fighting him on the platform literally leaves you like 10 feet to the left or right so not a whole lot of room to mez and root. he also did random mem wipes while we were up there. basically we wasted a lot of time trying to tank him up there. Eventually I was able to drag him down the steps again... dont ask me how because I dont know what i did... we tried everything, believe me. but once down the steps it was still a tough fight. the skellys would aggro the CC and one resisted CC means time away from dps for the team and healing has to switch over to keep the CC alive. and if you are rooting you have to move everyone away from the mob so ... you need as much space as you can get.

    all in all if he were not bugged we would have gotten him on the 2nd try so the fight is not too tough but it was certainly a challenge for khatovar to CC two non-grouped mobs, dps, and heal. the fight ended with pretty much the whole team out of mana. We got a Master chest from him with a legendary piece and a master spell. We also completed a quest which yeilded the 25 all stats 150health/mana necklace with a usable 3100hp heal ability. some toons found it an upgrade so it was all good.

    final word... the bugginess of the last mob made this dungeon not quite fun when all was said and done. if you want to gear up some toons with a few dungeon legendaries then you can easy kill the keepers pretty quick for a couple of ornate chests. We will see how it goes when we come back for our epic updates.

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    Awesome info!

    I need to stop playing/slacking/<random_home_remodel> and get this added into the wiki. :P
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    He's posting it so people know what to expect from a multi-boxing perspective, just like people do with WoW here.
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