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    Boosting a team 40-45 today, wheres the best place? ZF even with the new dissmounting blast? Or SM cath?
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    I always liked Sunken Temple over Zul'frack.

    Easy and lots of large groups on the upper floor where the dragons are. I hope you took skinning.

    Also it keeps you on that same continent so you don't have to hop to the other side of the world in your power leveling adventures. Shadowfang Keep then SM, then Sunken Temple, then Strathome.

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    Yeah ST isnt bad if you can summon there. If you have to run it... its a pain.
    I just stuck it out in SM for 5 lvls since i was already there. ZF = lame now. except for the undead ones you pull from graves
    BRD isnt bad either since there are alot of mobs to pull.

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    Yeah stay in SM or do a couple runs in Sunken Temple. Alot of class specific quests send you in there anyways so its nice to pick up a nifty trinket or what not.

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    I think this post is posted in the wrong place

    Gl with the boosting! :thumbsup:
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    Moved to the correct forum.

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    It`s a terrible drag but it`s best to stay in SM cath for those 5 levels. Moving to another instance is time consuming and annoying.
    Sadly you only get 1 level for a bout 3 runs around that level but then again it`s only 5 levels. After that you can get into strat where the speed starts comming back!

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    I heard (and plan to myself) use BRD for 40-45. Not the whole instance of course, just as much as you can pull back to the entrance and kill in the 12.5 minute timer, then exit/reset and go again.

    After 45, I think the general consensus is to go to UD Strat.
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    Dumb question, Why not Live side?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 'DIllett7799',index.php?page=Thread&postID=203581# post203581
    Dumb question, Why not Live side?
    I thought the same thing when I was reading the boosting guides and what not but....I'd assume it's because of the skeleton adds you get that ambush you from behind. With the characters you're boosting at such a low level I'd assume they'd be dead quickly if you weren't catching every single group of skeletons that came from behind. But I have no official word on this as this is my opinion.
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