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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Fenril',index.php?page=Thread&postID=203598#post2 03598
    I thought the same thing when I was reading the boosting guides and what not but....I'd assume it's because of the skeleton adds you get that ambush you from behind. With the characters you're boosting at such a low level I'd assume they'd be dead quickly if you weren't catching every single group of skeletons that came from behind. But I have no official word on this as this is my opinion.
    It's mainly the skeleton adds. I try to tough out the skeleton adds, it's a matter of knowing when and where they spawn. They'll still catch my group once or twice which is hella annoying when you have no one that can resurrect your fallen.
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    dead side isn't perfect either, if you get an Eye of Naxxramas on your lowbies they're pretty much screwed unless your booster is close enough to run back and pick up the gargoyles when they spawn in.
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