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    Default Eve Online New Player Guides & Wiki

    Post links to Useful Guides and various helpful Info,

    Helpful Websites

    • Eve Forums - Eve Online Official Forums
    • Want to See how other people have Fit their ship? Battleclinic provides a place to Upload and View various ship fitting.
    • Evelopedia Links to various threads for new players In Eve Online
    • Grismar's Eve Wiki Lots of great information about Eve.
    • Eve WSDB Provides Information on what salvage to expect on your next mission or the next complex you run.
    • Eve Exploration Log Exploration log provides information on the various complexes and exploration sites that you can scan down.
    • Eve Agents Great site that allows you to search for agents by Division, Level, Location, ect.
    • Dotlan Maps Awesome site for maps of pretty much anywhere in eve.

    Helpful Eve Multiboxing Video

    Useful Apps

    • Eve Fitting Tool EFT (EVE Fitting tool) is an out of game tool that allows a pilot to plan their "ship fit", ie which ship they fly, which weapons and modules they can fit, and what would be the relative performance for their character of various fits. Wiki
    • EveMon Evemon is an out of game App that lets you plan out a skill queue years in advance. It will tell you how to Optimize your skills and attributes so you will train faster. Tells you needed Skills and Levels to train for Ships, Modules ect. You will need your API key which is linked in the app itself.
    • Eve Launcher Easy way to Launch Multiple client windows of eve.

    Starting out

    Skills and Attributes
    • Much like in the real world every job requires the necessary skills to meet the job demands. Eve Online skill training is done by continuously training a specific skill. The time it takes to train a new skill depends on how many skill points that certain skill requires and on the character's attributes which are willpower, charisma, perception, memory, and intelligence. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Eve Online skill training since new skills since are being added faster that the characters can master them.

    You have a couple of ways to decrease the amount of time it takes to train skills.

    Remapping your Attributes

    • Remapping attributes allows you to move attribute points from the five different attributes(Memory, Willpower, Intelligence, Perception, Charisma). Examples is you have 20 points in each attribute

    While it works it is by no means the best way to allocate your attributes. It is best to have a training plan(Which you can do in EveMon) for at least 6 months. Based on your training plan
    EveMon will tell you the best way to arrange the skills and attributes so you train them efficiently. Be AWARE you only get 1 remap per year, the timer for the next does not start until
    you use all your available remaps. More Info

    • Implants are special items that plug directly into the pilot's head, providing increased abilities to their user. There are five implants for attribute enhancers and five more slots for skill hardwirings. Once an implant is plugged in, it can only be removed by selecting and destroying it, or by being pod killed. You'll need the Cybernetics skill to Plugin Implants. More Info

    The Tutorial and Career Agents

    • These agents will be available in the station in your starter system. You can also find career agents in the NeoCom (the interface on the left of the screen) in the Help section (also accessible by pressing the F12 key), and then clicking the 'Show Career Agents' button.

      Your first step should be to talk to the basic tutorial agent which will give you two missions before referring you to the career agents.
      Once the Career Agents are completed, the character will have acquired around 26 skillbooks (some of them duplicates), about 10 ships and close to 4,000,000 ISK. A new player that takes time with the tutorials and career agents will learn and experience the basics of much EVE has to offer, aside from PvP. (More Info)

    Make sure you complete all 5 career agents before moving on to the epic arc or other activities.

    Career Guides

    Multiboxing Information

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    Awesome job on the compilation. Just dont think you HAVE to learn the learners first... the sooner you do it the better but in the long run, get yourself to a playable level first.
    Currently running 10 miners in Eve Online.

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    First Things First

    The very first thing to do is to make sure to complete all the tutorial mission arcs, they'll earn you some decent cash, a number of ships, a bunch of stuff, and teach you how to play the game. Follow the in-game tutorials as well, they’ll prevent you from making any silly mistakes.

    Tools: Bigger is Better

    Once you done the tutorials, grab the following absolutely essential tools:

    * Maps to plan out where to go
    * EVEMon to plan out your characters
    * EFT to plan out your ships

    Make the Most of Your Time

    EVEMon will help you plan out a character so that you don’t waste time training skills you don’t need. Here’s one way to work it out (not the best):

    * Open EVEMon and import your character by following the instructions in EVEMon
    * Start a new training plan and go to the ‘Ship Browser’ tab
    * Have a look around at the ships available and decide on what you’d like to fly
    * Click on the ‘Battleclinic Loadouts’ link and then double click on the highest ‘Rating’ loadout
    * Click on the ‘Discuss this loadout’ link and have a read of the web page that pops up
    * If you like the look of the plan carry on, otherwise go back to the loadout browser
    * Click on the ‘Get EVEMon Skillplan’ link and download the file
    * Select the Plans > Manage item from the EVEMon menu
    * Select the File > Load Plan from File menu item in the Open Plan window
    * Or skip the trip to the website and click on the 'Add All to Plan' button in the loadout browser
    * Review and add additional skills as desired

    Maximise Your Learning

    It’s worth maximising on your learning skills early on, open a new skill plan in EVEMon, go to the ‘Skill Browser’ tab and expand the Learning item.

    You should train each of the skills with a (1) next to them to level IV, then train each of the skills with a (3) next to them to level III. EVEMon will advise you if you need to train specific learning skills higher than this.

    To really make a difference train Cybernetics to I and get a set of +3 ‘basic’ implants.

    Maximise Your Earnings

    There’s a number of ways to earn ISK in EVE Online even if you only start out with a little.

    * Mining is easy but boring and only becomes profitable after a fair amount of training, there’s a very good guide here:
    * Piracy is entertaining but not always profitable, there’s a good guide here:

    Working the market is time consuming but can provide you with a decent in-game income. The basics go like this:

    * Select an item you want to trade from the market and ‘View Detail’
    * You will see a list of buyers and sellers, organise the lists so that the cheapest seller and the highest buyer are at the top of their respective lists
    * If there is a profit to be made because the seller is selling for less than the buyer is buying then buy from the seller
    * Grab an Industrial ship and move the goods from the seller’s location to the buyer’s location
    * Sell the goods to the buyer

    Obviously there is a lot of additional work required to make a regular decent profit but that is the gist of the technique.

    Real Money Trading

    If you find yourself short of in-game spending power EVE Online has a legitimate means of real money trading. You need to buy a game time card from one of the many sites out there that sell them and then redeem it to create an in-game item called PLEX; PLEX can be sold for ISK.

    The EVE forums also have a place for trading timecodes and characters:

    * Timecode Bazaar
    * Character Bazaar

    As ever, beware of scams!


    Some of the worst player behaviour can be found on the EVE Online forums, if you're feeling brave go have a look as it is possible to find out useful information:

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    Choose your Path Wisely

    There are a number of options for playing EVE Online, you could be a doughty miner, an empire building industrialist, a faithful mission runner, a loyal faction pilot, the defender of your patch of deep space, or a vicious pirate. It can take a long time to reach some goals so you should read around and decide what you'd like to do. As a multiboxer you have an advantage in being able too pursue several goals at once. Specialisation is the key to rapidly gettign to where you want to be, avoid training for one goal and then switching to another, you won't waste time but you won't get as far ahead as you could have done otherwise.

    Going Epic for Phat Lewt

    The epic mission arc seems to be available to all new players as a matter of course and it gives much better rewards than the other missions you can do when you're starting out so I suggest going through it. Here's a guide here thats pretty good:

    Scams, Griefing, Ganking, and Suicide Attacks!

    If you come from a WoW background you are probably used to a decent level of customer service and a company that tries to make your play time fun without being overly griefed by other players.

    This is not how EVE works! EVE is the opposite to WoW! EVE encourages griefing, scams, ganking, unfair PVP, suicide bombing, all manner of ridiculously unpleasant behaviour by players. Not to mention the worst 'death penalty' of any MMO. If you mention any of this on the EVE forums you will be roundly derided with cries of 'Go back to WoW carebear!', 'LRN2PLAY', etc, etc.

    So, you've been warned, in EVE, always assume someone else is out to screw you.

    Typical scams include the 'I stole 9 billion from Band of Brothers and I'll give you 10x what you send me' classic

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'RobinGBrown',index.php?page=Thread&postID=202131# post202131

    Going Epic for Phat Lewt

    The epic mission arc seems to be available to all new players as a matter of course and it gives much better rewards than the other missions you can do when you're starting out so I suggest going through it. Here's a guide here thats pretty good:
    If you're brand new to the game and need cash the epic arc might be OK but I found it overly long and pretty hard for someone in a frigate alone.

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    Yea I ran a few missions, Most were pretty easy but the farther I got in the harder it got to do in a Incursus. a Tristan with 2 missile launchers and 2 other guns does fine.......until you afk from the game during a mission =(
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    awesome guide if i find a 60 day trial code i will be def. doing this step by step.

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    Updated everything.
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    Links to Eve Online Multiboxing Info, Isboxer, /r/Eve and /r/Evemultiboxing

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