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    Default Resurrected team - Hellfire ramparts downed.

    I've had my original Pally + 4 shaman team on hold since prior to patch 2.3.

    Patch 3.1 and my purchase of a new laptop capable of running 5 instances of wow made me decide to revive them and give them a go.

    What a blast!!!!

    I'm running a Prot pally, 3 ele shaman and 1 resto shaman. The pally and 3 shaman were 61 when I started. I respecced a 71 shaman I had to resto as I didn't want to overpower the instance, and I limited my healing to only the tank, and only doing lesser healing waves, no special abilities. The other shaman had to chain heal themselves if they were getting hurt.

    I did a number of runs. Starting out I was very panicky. I was constantly spamming lesser healing wave on the tank (whether he needed it or not), and sometimes forgetting to hit the dps button on the shaman. However after getting used to my setup I was only healing the tank when needed (and with earth shield on him he had to be taking huge chunks of damage for me to even bother).

    Trash wasn't a problem at all, and the first two bosses were fairly easy, but the last dragon boss was a bit of a pain.
    I decided I wouldn't use the method of starting the fight up the ramp to avoid fighting the rider, I was going to fight the fight as intended.

    I died a fair bit. Generally I got 1 or two tries at the dragon each time. One run I got him most of the way (and probably would have done it if i had triggered lay on hands on the pally).

    I had another try last night and downed the last boss first go. No deaths at all.

    Great fun, and I'm really looking forward to trying out blood furnace next.
    Team: Feral Druid, 3 Ele Shaman, 1 Resto Shaman

    Gimp Team: 4 paladins(13) and a DK(80)
    Kierlay,kierlee,kieree,kierla and Karatesh

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    You should have an easier time in Blood Furnace, i have been running it with my team for exp now that they're all honored with HH (80 lock, 63 Pally, 62 priest). The boss that's tricky is Broggok, he himself is an easy fight, but you have to live/reserve mana through the 4 waves of orcs that come out before he does. The rest of the run is pretty easy, just make a mental note where the stealthed rogues are, and you should be able to clear it no problem, and watch for the proximity bombs the technicians drop. The first and last bosses are pretty simple, tank and spank.
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    Blood furnace was a piece of cake.

    I cleared it the first time - did have a shaman die due to bad positioning on the bosses AOE but after that I just ran and killed the first boss and reset.
    I did do one final clearance so I didn't have any deaths. I was actually surprised to get through the waves of orcs with no mana issues, I thought I might struggle there, but it was fairly easy.

    I went on to clear Slave pens the first time. The first boss was a real pain in the backside - I nearly fell asleep with the boredom. I got him down eventually, but should have setup macros to target specific totems to take them down quicker.

    I did go to underbog and wiped a few times on the first boss. A couple of times were due to my misjuding aggro range in setting up and pulling the boss before being ready.
    The other couple of times I just wasn't moving my casters and tank decently. I made the mistake of not having any ankhs on my shamans so had a long ghost run each time. Just cleared trash up to the first boss a few times then headed to Nagrand.

    The team has been gaining rested XP, but next session I'll hit Mana tombs to see how they cope.
    Team: Feral Druid, 3 Ele Shaman, 1 Resto Shaman

    Gimp Team: 4 paladins(13) and a DK(80)
    Kierlay,kierlee,kieree,kierla and Karatesh

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