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    Default ran my 37-38 pallys through uldaman

    i started at 35 and did as many uldaman quests as I could, got to the end of uldaman with half my team at 38 only to find out that I'm too low to do the last quest.
    the should have nerfed the quest level requirements when they nerfed the content ( or over beefed up the players )

    It really cheeses me when I can't get the quests even though I could easily do them :cursing:
    X Five, a Galakrond alliance guild for multiboxers
    pally/shaman (thiliander/xenoca) , Shaman/Hunters (Zhedrar), Priest/Warlocks(Yarili,Yarlii,Yariil,Yarlli,Yarill)

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    Yeah especially for multiboxers who can crush harder mobs.

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