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    Default MB & Current MMOs

    Several weeks ago I sent e-mails to most of the major MMOs out there. While most were responsive, not all of them have answered me as of yet. Some have also given me flat-out bad information. The information posted here is the current stance on hardware and software multi-boxing for whatever companies have responded to me.

    • Rift

    From the Rift Forums

    Yesterday {2/14/11} 02:32 PM #96
    Sr. Community Manager

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    May 2010

    We have never implied that we would not allow multi-boxing. As long as the accounts are being run manually, we do not have a problem with it.

    That being said, remember that you are responsible for all actions on each of your accounts. Harassment/griefing rules still apply. So, if a person is going to harrass someone with 5 characters at a time, that will be dealt with accordingly.

    As of now, there are no restrictions or rules against multi-boxing.
    Cindy Bowens
    Community Lead
    Saved Here for posterity.

    • Age of Conan & Anarchy Online
    Funcom ticket #1100074803
    Our current policy regarding this matter does not prohibit the activity
    you have requested information regarding, however please be aware.
    This is not intended to replace human interaction with the game.

    It is the sole discretion of Funcom to determine if such a system is
    being used in a manner to allow a player a distinct advantage over other
    players. Use of this is not prohibited, however excessive reliance on
    them may be seen as unattended game play and dealt with accordingly.
    I responded for a followup as this was from Age Of Conan Exploits based on a ticket I sent in for Anarchy Online. I wanted to be sure I was getting valid information and clarify which game this information was for.

    Funcom Ticket #1100077153

    Our policy on multi boxing applies to all of our games and is quite simple.

    Yes, we allow multi-boxing. As long as you have one paid account for
    each running client, that is perfectly within our EULA guidelines.

    This also applies to running multiple clients on one system. As long as
    each of those clients is running a unique account, there are no rule

    What will result in suspension or banning is any unattended gameplay or
    farming. If the boxing is being done with the purpose of farming items
    or currency, that account and all associated will immediately be banned.

    So in short, if you are a community of people who like to run your own
    individual groups, that is fine. It is only when issues of unattended
    play (with the use of macros) or farming arise that we step in.

    • Dungeons & Dragons Online & The Lord of the Rings Online

    Turbine Ticket # 200099 {and 200101}

    Multi-boxing is completely acceptable for any Turbine game. Our terms of service do specifically warn against Unattended Combat Macros; however this type of action is completely different than multi-boxing. Turbine as a company does understand the significant differences and thus doesn't prevent multi-boxing in any way.
    • Eve Online

    Ticket 20090306-1401061-800128D7

    The first response I received stated multi-boxing is not allowed :
    The following 2 EULA articles are considered to apply to this:

    "You may not use your own or third-party software to modify any content appearing within the Game environment or change how the Game is played."

    "You may not use macros or other stored rapid keystrokes or other patterns of play that facilitate acquisition of items, currency, objects, character attributes, rank or status at an accelerated rate when compared with ordinary Game play. You may not rewrite or modify the user interface or otherwise manipulate data in any way to acquire items, currency, objects, character attributes or beneficial actions not actually acquired or achieved in the Game."

    More specifically regarding your questions:

    1: We do not allow this I'm afraid. {Original question "Do you allow Hardware multi-boxing?"}
    2: We also do not allow this. {Original question "Do you allow Software multi-boxing?"}

    3 and 4, are not possible due to multi-boxing not being allowed. {Original questions "practice for distinguishing multi-boxing from botting" and "do you have any fair play clauses".}
    This was called out already as bad information. My follow-up question pointed out the "Power of 2" program as a counter and I received the following :

    You are welcome to use multiple accounts at the same time, no matter how many accounts you are using.

    What we understood you were asking with regards to multiboxing, was controlling all of those account with a single keystroke program or mouse click copy program.

    To make it more clear: You may use as many accounts as you wish at the same time, however you may not use a program to control more then 1 account at the same time with the same keystrokes/mouse, you will need to actually switch between the windows to control them.
    Please be aware, I asked that my ticket be escalated and it was not. The same person gave me both answers.

    Continued in post 2.
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    • Warhammer Online

    Ok, here's your greenlight for Warhammer :
    Updated 4/28/09 - EA Ticket 090325-009319

    I am sorry for the delay in writing, our tier three support department is receiving a higher then normal email volume so we are a bit back logged but are working to correct this.

    As long as you own legal copies of the game multi boxing should not be an issue. It will become an issue however if you are using multi boxing to exploit the game in some way.
    Please keep in mind the stuff below, esp. Sec 4 - A. You may end up with a GM waving that at you when they get ahold of their brandy-new banhammer. I'd suggest that before trying to multibox, you contact them yourselves so you have your own greenlight ticket to refer to.

    EA Ticket 090306-003423

    Probably the least helpful response I've received outside of being blown off totally :

    I apologize but we currently do not have a stance as it has not become an issue. I would suggest reviewing the following pages;

    Player Code of Conduct
    User Access and License Agreement:
    EA Terms of Use and Service:
    After reading the End User Access and License Agreement, the following stuck out :

    Limits to number of accounts one person may own :

    Sec 1 - C. Limit on Number of Accounts Per Credit Card(s)

    Without the prior written consent of Mythic, which may be withheld in Mythic's sole discretion, no person may use, or authorize or permit another to use, a credit card, or any combination of multiple credit cards, issued to such person, to establish and/or maintain more than five (5) Accounts on the System at a time.
    You may not access the game servers from multiple computers :

    Sec 2 - D Para 2 -

    You may access the System and use it to play the Game from any single computer or game platform. You shall not access the System or play the Game concurrently on different computers and/or game platforms.

    Sec 3 - Para 1 -

    You shall not install or operate the Software concurrently on different computers and/or game platforms. ... The Software may not be shared or used concurrently on different computers.
    Both hardware and software boxing is probably covered under the following :

    Sec 4 - A - You may not use any of your own or third-party software to modify the Game Content to change Game play.
    Iffy, but if they are outright prohibiting hardware boxing by stating you cannot run concurrent copies on multiple computers, they will probably point to this section to say you are using 3rd party software to change how data is sent and received and using it to change gameplay, blah blah blah. I have resent my ticket and am awaiting clarification, since I know people will go back and forth on it since it is pretty ambiguous.

    • Vanguard, EQ, EQ2... ALL SOE Games

    12-19-09 The previous information is no longer valid. See post from Noxxy here and Inactive here. See discussion here As of this point, I can no longer say multiboxing, as we know it here, is allowed in EQ2. This likely goes for ALL SOE games.

    EQ2 specific Ticket 091217-000026


    I have sent you several tickets previously asking about your stance on multiboxing. Those tickets are 090210-001499 and 090306-000046. In both tickets, I was informed that multiboxing, via a means of sending single keypresses to multiple copies of the game was perfectly acceptable.

    Quote - Multi-boxing is definitely allowed. What we do not allow is automated botting.

    Quote - it is permissible to use one keyboard to control several computers through a selector switch. You are allowed to use 3rd party software, as long as you do not in any way manipulate or change the client

    Quote - If you are at your computer while the character is being played, then multi-boxing is fine. Generally speaking we will only take action against people who automate their characters to play unattended.

    In these tickets, I specifically stated what multiboxing is.

    Quote - What is Sony's stance on SOFTWARE multiboxing? IE the use of the Programs Keyclone and Innerspace in particular?

    Quote - If you are unfamiliar with multi-boxing, it is a play style in which a single person will play multiple accounts in a game simultaneously.

    Quote - Software multi-boxing is using one computer to run several accounts via hardware emulators or scripts that send a single key press to all open instances of a game window.

    Quote - Many games have a 1 press = 1 action rule in that 1 input action from a key press can only equate to 1 single action taking place in game on each account.

    Quote - I press 1, my mage casts fireball, my hunter shoots a flame arrow, my tank taunts, my healer casts a buff, as that is the single action on each account located in the "1" hotbar location. 1 press, 1 action.

    I believe I was very clear in defining multiboxing, in as far as my inquiry, was the simultanious reciept of a single key by EACH open client. I also believe that the reps who responded were clear on that fact as well, telling me repeatedly that the ACTIONABLE offense was automated and/or unattended botting, NOT attended simultanious keybroadcasting.

    Now I have people being told that simultanious keybroadcasting is automation, and actionable :

    091215-002136 - Response (GM Yxyran)
    12/16/2009 12:49 AM

    [shortened]…The problem occurs when you…send commands…at the same time…it is important that you understand why you cannot use any device or program to allow you to control more than one character with one key stroke.

    It offers you an unfair advantage over players using the game and interface as designed. It essentially accomplishes an action that…could not be done in the course of play. There is no way to link the actions of two separate characters in game. No way to make them work in sync where you take action with one character and it triggers an automatic action from another. You have to use separate keystrokes for each character's actions. Each character must be under the direct control of the player at all times. Anything that circumvents that direct control constitutes automation. Automation makes them a bot.

    Thank you for your time,
    Game Master Yxyran
    "The Moon Moth"

    Response (GM Kaerytha)
    12/15/2009 08:58 PM

    [Shortened – message relayed from the Lead GM on Nagafen]…In addition, simultaneous key broadcasting is not permitted. So if you are pressing one key on your keyboard, and it's causing all 6 of your characters to cast, or attack or perform any action simultaneously then that is something we would consider character automation, which is prohibited….

    Safe Travels,

    GM Kaerytha
    EverQuest II
    Sony Online Entertainment

    However, TSR DanielH was recently given tips on how to use one of these programs to send simultanious keystrokes to multiple clients at the same time, where he thanks the poster and says he'll try it out -

    So, what's the deal? Is the act of sending a keypress to all open instances of EQ2 suddenly considered automation? And does this apply to all SOE games now? Please clarify.

    Thank you.

    Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment.

    There has been a lot of questions surrounding the issue of multi-boxing lately. I recognize a lot of those quotes you mentioned in your ticket in an e-mail I have received recently. Essentially what it boils down to is this... Multiboxing is allowed so long as each character performing an action requires a unique and separate keystroke.

    If you have any other questions or issues please don't hesitate to contact us again and we'll be happy to assist you.

    The reference number for this ticket is (091217-000026). Please use this number if you need to refer back to this contact for any reason.

    Update your ticket by accessing and viewing the "Questions" section under "Service History". Simply click the name of the incident to update it.

    Thank you again,

    Chad A.

    Technical Support Representative

    Sony Online Entertainment
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    • City of Heroes/Villains, Guild Wars/2, Lineage/2, Aion

    4/28/09 NCsoft Ticket 090306-000473


    We allow Hardware multi-boxing in the sense that a player may use a KVM switch to access multiple hardware that is running the City of Heroes application.

    Use of a 3rd party program to automate in-game actions or to script a series of commands to a single button press is a violation of our EULA, and is something that City of Heroes does not support.

    We have in-game macros that do permit a single button to trigger certain powers or behavior. For example, a player may create a Macro or keybind that targets a nearby entity and triggers an attack. We do not, however, support any botting behavior.

    Specifically you asked "I press 1, my mage casts fireball, my hunter shoots a flame arrow, my tank taunts, my healer casts a buff, as that is the single action on each account located in the "1" hotbar location. 1 press, 1 action." This particular type of conduct is fine.

    You also asked "Many games also require that the player be able to maintain control of each individual character at any given time, by responding to game masters/customer service reps from any character." This type of behavior is not supported by City of Heroes macro system, and would only be conceivably possible with a 3rd party program which is prohibited by our EULA.
    Section 7 of our EULA is pretty clear about this:

    NC Interactive has designed the Game(s) for official play only as offered through the Service by NC Interactive at the Web Site and not through any other means. You further agree not to access, create or provide any other means through which the Game(s) may be played by others, as through server emulators. You agree not to use any hardware or software, including but not limited to third party tools, or any other method of support which may in any way influence or advantage your use of the Service which is not authorized by NC Interactive, including but not limited to the use of "bots" and/or any other method by which the Service may be played automatically without human input.

    Our game uses Instances, but there are contested areas of the game that we will action players if we find that they are controlling an area unfairly (i.e. Heavies in Recluse's Victory - PvP zone).

    While we do not have a "fair play" clause, intentionally preventing another player from accessing certain portions of our game is a harassment type of conduct that violates Section 6 (d) (ix) of our UA.

    (d) Member Conduct. You agree not to use the Service to:

    (i) "stalk" or otherwise harass another member.

    Section 7 could also be loosely applied here, with the interpretation that preventing other players from accessing certain content by multi-boxing grants an unfair advantage.

    The User Agreement prohibits the sharing of accounts except with that of a minor child of the account owner. With this in mind, account sharing rules are there for the safety of the account owner. The account sharing rule is there to reinforce another rule that states the security of an account is the responsibility of the account owner. Basically this means if you share your account you are responsible for the action taken on it. We will not close an account because your cousin logged you in to buff for a raid. If you and your cousin are fighting over the account and the account is in dispute, the account will be closed because security has been compromised.

    City of Heroes has a refer-a-friend promotion that grants additional in-game time to the referrer. There are no in-game perks (items or XP bonuses). City of Heroes also discounts the monthly $14.99 plan based upon long-term subscription commitments.

    City of Heroes must remain in focus (the main application running) to be accessed. If it is run as a background application, it is not accessible to any key inputs.

    Follow ups :

    With regard to your first question, the policy for City of Heroes on this point should be considered the same as the Lineage franchise. {"Multiboxing is not automation, you agreed 1:1 actions are fine re mage/hunter/tank/healer example, but say you can only respond to GMs with 3rd party programs? WHAT are you on about?"}

    As far as your second City of Heroes specific question, any multiple window prevention in City of Heroes is either unintentional or legacy code and we do not actively attempt block the use of several game clients on a PC.
    Lineage 1/2

    You are allowed to run several clients on several machines, as long as you are in direct control of all characters and no unfair automated advantage is present. Also, we do not test our clients for multibox capabilities and this method is not supported by tech support.

    You are allowed to run several game clients on the same machine, as long as the user is in direct control of all characters and no unfair automated advantage is present.
    a. The use of software to remap keys is allowed.
    b. The use of software automate actions is not.

    Botting is a serious issue in the Lineage franchise. We can not disclose our methods of determining between bots and boxes as the developers of the bot programs would use this information to "hide" their bot programs. Let us say, that since bot programs are "smarter" than an in-game macro we give suspected botters an "IQ test." We generally play by the 1:1 rule but in-game macros allow for the chaining of skills.

    The Lineage franchise is built around creating conflict for an in-depth PvP world. The GM team does not interfere with any "contested" content. We want content to be contested. The GM team will only take action when a game feature is exploited and used in a manner it was not intended. Example: It is ok to blockade a bridge in most of the game world (PvP zone.) It is not ok to block the entrance to a shop in town as it is a not PvP zone.

    Recruit-a-friend offers allowing for gifted trial accounts and full retail serial keys happen several times a year. At this time we do not have a discount for multiple accounts.

    There are no specific guards implemented in the L1 or L2 clients to prevent multiboxing.
    Guild Wars

    We do not officially support this. {Hardware Boxing}

    Automated gameplay is not allowed and is in violation with the User Agreement. {Software Boxing}

    If you were somehow able to use your programmable keyboard to fully automate your gameplay experience, especially to the point where you did not have to attend your computer while your keyboard software "played" the game for you, then that would be considered against our User Agreement and subject to disciplinary action. {How do you define multi-boxing vs botting?}

    We do not have a "fair play" clause in the UA that would apply to multi-boxers.

    Every game box purchased has a 14-Trilogy Trial. This Trial is 14 days or 10 hours whichever comes first. {RAF?}

    You can not open more then one Guild Wars game client without modification. We do not consider running more then one version of Guild Wars to be a violation.

    Follow up :

    We can not provide more specific answers to your questions regarding Guild Wars other then as you said, if you do find a way to open more then one client that does not violate the User Agreement, it is not a bannable offense. This can be applied to all of your questions. {resubmitted questions - "I'm not asking if you support hardware boxing, I asked if it was allowed. Software boxing is not botting or automation."

    Guild Wars 2

    This post has been quoted in other forum posts, but it is inaccurate. ArenaNet does not prohibit Multi- or Dual-Boxing as along as the player is active on each account and is not botting or using other third-party programs to “play” the account.

    Dual- or Multi-Boxing
    • You may use more than one account at the same time.
    • You may use more than one computer at the same time.
    • You must be actively playing on each account.
    • And as stated above, you may not program your keyboard to perform functions on more than one account at a time.
    • a. For example, if you press W on your keyboard to move forward, a single character on a single account should move forward. The keystroke or mouse click should not perform functions on more than one account.

    6/02/09 NCsoft Ticket 090602-000341


    The rules and the way we will treat multiboxing for Aion will be exactly the same as they are treated for Lineage II. The internal systems will be very much the same. So feel free to use the Lineage II information.

    I don't think we have done any test with multiple instances of Aion running on the same machine but I am sure we will hear more as our beta events start.
    Note, Aion is multiboxable, but you will need to disable GameGuard to do so. I have no information on if they get ticked off about disabling GG.
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    • Spellborn

    Acclaim Ticket UWF-875168

    1) Hardware Multi-boxing is allowed as it is different accounts on different computers
    2) Software Multi-boxing is not allowed as it uses a third party software which is not allowed.
    3) As long as condition 1 and 2 is satisfied, this is allowed. Here all the other rules apply that can be found on our forums like replying to a GM/CSR or harassing other players or making their game unplayable. You can find more rules on our forums. {Re: macros and botting vs boxing}
    4) Answered in 3. {Re: Fair Play clauses}
    5 You can share your account, but we won't be helping you with your account if it gets hacked or deleted etc. We can trace the IPs of all accounts and find if it was shared earlier or not.
    6) We are working a recruit a friend option where the invitee will enjoy many benefits by inviting his/her friends.
    7) We have Gameguard to block all the illegal software.

    Please be aware, this is only what I have been told. The e-mail I sent was very detailed and long covering many, many areas that would be of interest to multi-boxers but I got very little in response to most of my questions. I hope to update this thread with further information as it becomes available.

    If you have conflicting information, please let me know and I will resubmit my questions for further response. If you have other games you want to know about, I can copy my e-mail to them for information.

    Oh, and reserved in case I get wordy again.
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    Wow! You've been busy!

    Thanks for this awesome information. This should definitely be stickied! :thumbup:
    Everquest II - <Pain for Glory> on Nektulos Server
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    The sad thing is I said in Captive's post that I was going to shut up and go play now. Instead I did this. I am so easily...

    omg, is that a ladybug?!?! 8o

    :whistling: Huh? What?
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    In regards to age of conan, back in beta I got a chat with a dev ingame...

    Age of Conan: Permission

    Shame about SoE, they seem to have the best stance on boxing but have some of the least fun games to do it with.

    Waiting on EA/Mythic to get back to me in regards to this same matter, have tested the game on one box and while the CPU and Ram requirements are insane it looks doable with innerspace. (4 clients maxed out 6.8GB ram and had all 4 cores of my q6600@3.0 flat out)

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    Wow. Fuck Warhammer then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Bigfish',index.php?page=Thread&postID=189203#post 189203
    Wow. Fuck Warhammer then.
    I said this to myself long before I knew Mythic's stance on multi-boxing.

    On another note, I'm relieved to see Turbine's reaction regarding multi-boxing, since I might end up playing LotRO when I exhaust EQ2 at some point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Kaelika',index.php?page=Thread&postID=189246#post 189246
    I said this to myself long before I knew Mythic's stance on multi-boxing.
    Yeah, but I'm personally miffed since they felt the need to include me (hardware boxing) in their EULA. Its just, ridiculous. They don't want me as a customer? Fine.

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