wow this is INVALUABLE info and THANK YOU so much for taking the time doing this for us all.
i have been multiboxing since everquest in 2001 (multiple computers back then) all the way up to wow 10-boxing on one computer as of 2011 or so.
i havent boxed for awhile and am REALLY eager to find another MMO I can multibox in.
its super super sad that there arent more games out that support things like /autofollow and such, so we can mbox.
right now im into guild wars 2 with just 5 accounts - and it isnt at all true mboxing, as you can only switch between windows. its mostly just for getting extra rewards, really. its not actually mboxing ;/ (that game would be SUPER fun to mbox, if they didnt have their heads in the sand like most devs!)

I gotta say its hilarious too that most of the replies you got:
1) Were mostly clueless as to what multiboxing even is - some of them even completely clueless.
2) Almost all of them talked about mboxing and botting, when there is nothing even remotely similar between the 2 - which continues to show the sheer ignorance around mboxing.