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    Default Stratholme/Pally/Silenced

    Okay, so i have a pally i leveled to 72 and figure since my 2 alts are ready for Strat it would be a good time to use the pally instead of my 80 warrior, just cuz i tried it on my warrior and i kept getting that stupid debuff that doesnt let you eat.. so i almost died and ran out of pots.. but now on my pally, i keep getting silenced.. WTF!
    how can i avoid this?
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    Yeah I saw that people were using it to boost to 60ish. I made two runs and was so BORED because of all the having to wait for those webs to break.
    I think Blessing of Freedom gets you out of the silence, but long cooldown. It was something like that which it would allow me to cast while I couldn't just dispell things or whatever. Good luck.

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    Moving to the PvE forum...


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    Okay, I'll start from the beginning.
    I used my Warrior lvl80 to boost my pally and priest and it worked fine and fast, because pally was able to cleanse the debuff so I wouldn't die.
    Now, I decided to use him again but for my hunter and mage, now I have the debuff and obviously cant heal myself without it interupting or just not working at all.
    So I decided to use my pally lvl72 shitty gear cuz I was just lvling him, but I was getting silenced so much during the mobs that my team would die.

    I guess my question would be, is there anything I can do to get my warrior to get rid of the debuff or for my pally, how can I stop all the silences?

    Update: I did just got through the undead part of it but It took me like an hour or more to get done, rather so slow.. and only lvled 1 time.. GRR

    Should I go somewhere else to lvl them with my warrior?

    Just some info about how I'm boosting them.
    It is with RAF and I dont use the hunter or mage to do any damage I just let them sit back while the lvl80 does the rest.
    Just a FYI
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    You are doing it wrong :/ You don't boost through the whole instance. Go in the UD side and pull all the ghouls and skellys there. Then park your alts in the open area there (No Eye of Naxx there, very important) and go into the living side and pull as many groups of ghouls/skellys/abominations as you can. You can keep doing this until the pull distance is too far. Then you can either reset or venture into the living side and kill as many as you can, including the one ghost boss or one of the rare spawn bosses ^^ Why not go into the living side first? 1) there is a gate where bugs come out and monkey stomp your alts in 1 hit 2) you can't exit the living side. Try this. It's boring but it works. Plus you get a ton of runecloth if you do any looting and greens level 50-55 that DE into Greater Eternal Essences. These sell for a decent clip on my server.
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    Scholomance seemed easier to rampage with my paladin than Strat. Strat is very anti-paladin in some regards. I would assume it would be the same for a non-dispelling class because of the disease. Lower Spire is also easy to blow up if you stay out of the trolls.
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    RAF boosting W/Pally in Strat

    Cba making a proper link This might help a bit tho. I sort of used that map when i first tried boosting in strat and went from there. The first couple of tries were not so good. After a few pulls it becomes very easy once you know what you are doing.

    edit: lol ok looks like i CAN be arsed to make a proper link after all

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    only reason to go the whole instance is for a chance at the deathcharger mount. if its pure exp you are after, just do as said earlier, and reset.

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