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    Default Underbog Completed

    Paladin and 4 druids

    Took a long time, but completed Underbog last night, everyone was level 65. Only had one wipe. 3rd boss I lined up the druids, ran in with the paladin and got no backup from the lazy druids. They had all gotten pounded flat like goombas by a roaming Underbog Giant. I did mess up on the Black Stalker. I was reading up on him to see if there was anything to look out for and it seemed to be just a classic tank and spank. Well one of the druids had dropped follow and was still standing at the 3rd boss and I didn't catch it so I was a druid short when I started the final fight. I had all the druids that were there standing on each other. One got some sort of aoe debuff and died and the other two were a sneeze away from death. So one druid did not get the achievement for the instance, but BFD.

    The paladin got a couple of nice plate upgrades but only if I socket them. The new changes have made all this +int and spell power paladin type gear worthless vs the warrior high str, sta and ac gear. But it really doesn't mater as im not lvl 80 yet and it will be replaced shortly.

    So now I have one quest left that goes to the slave pens. Ill prolly wait till level 66 to do that, my guys are all out of rested so I think ill wrap up all the multibox friendly quests in terrorkar first, then attempt slave pens and then move my questing to Nagrand and research quests for Archedon. Im guessing by the time I complete all that we will be 70 or damn near it.

    Gold has been really nice. When I hit 60 and got the 5man all put together and bought spells to catch up the guys who were level granted, I had 8g across all my guys. Now at level 65-66 (paladin just dinged 66) Ive got over 1800g. Not enough for fliers or even epic land mounts, but I don't have to worry about repairs and picking what skills not to purchase when they level. Ive never had any of those mounts before so ill prolly just not worry about them till 80 when its actually needed.

    Any advice on how to get the druids a little more involved on trash mobs. Right now they mostly just HOT the paladin as he AOE tanks it all down. Im not really able to use Hurricane as the targeting glyph casting is very basic. I dont have a mouse repeater so all I can really do is look down and pop treants nearby. Starfall has too big a range to use safely in an instance. Bosses and big single target mobs go down like no bodys buisness. But on a group pull of 3+ its not very efficant to Tab DOT or even spam wrath on the current target.

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    All 4 are balance. I haven't run into anything yet that can kill the paladin with 8 heal over times. My boss fighting rotation is pop barkskin, treants, insect swarm, moon fire, starfire, wrath, s,w,s,w then repeat when insect swarm fades. here is a link to one of the druids, thier gear is a bit diff but talent spec is the same.

    Non boss outdoor fighting or when going up against a singe mob or two, I just hit insect swarm followed by moonfire as 4x of all that right now is putting out about 10-12k damage.

    Its the realy slow dungen crawl as right now its mostly just the paladin doing all the work while in invinceable mode with 8 regens. Theres no down time with all the mana regen a paladin has and the druids healing, they dont spend any mana that way. I would say with the one wipe I had on the 3rd boss, it took bout 2h or more to clear UB. Take out the bosses and my mage group could kill all the trash in prolly 40 min. Im not looking to steamroll through in a 30 min run, but for the ammount of content in the zone, 2h+ seems to be a long time and I know its because the paladin is doing all the dps work.

    Prolly just need to pony up, buy a lot of water and start making the druids pew pew pew on each pull and not just the bosses.

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    Your mana shortage is mainly due to trying to keep your druids in leather gear. It's cool looking, but doesn't have the int and spellpower that cloth does. Don't use moonfire for trash, it's very mana inefficient. Stick with only the most efficient spells, like insect swarm and starfire; and wrath spam only when in trouble. These are only suggestions to keep from having to drink a lot, but it's most important to just have FUN! (But I guess that clearing faster could be funner.)

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    Tab DOT is about all Ive been doing on trash and dropping treants to speed things up when its available. I have the moonfire glyph so it hits hard stacked up 4 times. Its doing about 1300-1400 a tick combined where insect swarm is about 700-800 a tick combined. The mage group could AOE about 3 pulls of guys then have to drink. Maybe 15seconds a pull then 30s drinking. This group its a couple minutes a pull, but they never have to stop but to rebuff. But its WAY slower.

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