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    Default 5 Man Death knights and instances so far

    I just wanted to let people know what a 5 man DKs can do in instance wise

    Ramparts/furance lvl 62-63 alot wipes but was able to do kill all bosses spec unholy full all 5

    Slavepens/Reservoir lvl 67-68 3 blood spec 1 frost(main) 1 unholy read up on these spec and try to ues them all in this set and wow

    the dps was just out there seems like i do more dps now and with the blood auras helps alot here

    i did all bosses mostly the frost tank died and thats it on both of these instances other then that very easy to do and run just dps the mobs and bosses down and then cheer about it

    as for pvp i do alot pvp i can kill a single 80 with my group mages/paladins and some specs can really get me but most don't however i am getting better myself lol


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    Have a look at this thread:

    All Death Knight Groups - Blood Synergy

    And check out the posts by Furystrike in the movies section.


    The Zerg (Magtheridon - US)

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